‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Gets A New Job—What Will Sonny And Carly Say?

It looks like Nelle Hayes will be sticking around General Hospital a while longer. Despite the fact that she may just be the most hated person in Port Charles right now, she has decided that she is not done with the Corinthos family just yet. Now that she is no longer Carly’s assistant, Nelle will have to find a way to make some money, and it looks like she may just run upon a perfect job opportunity very soon.

According to a General Hospital preview that was posted on Twitter on Tuesday, Nelle will be approaching Nina Cassadine about applying for a new position. It looks like Valentin and Nina are looking for a nanny for Charlotte, and she is interested in the job. After all, she has worked with kids before in Atlanta as a teacher’s aid and, of course, she did spend tons of time taking care of Avery while she was scheming on getting back at Carly by spending more time with a grieving Sonny Corinthos.

While Nelle has no ties to the Cassadines, it sounds like she may get along famously with little Charlotte. After the sneak peek was released, General Hospital fans realized that this all most likely means that Valentin wins full custody of his daughter, not Lulu Falconeri. The custody battle is about to conclude this week, and since Nina has put out a notice for a nanny, it looks like Charlotte will be staying with her daddy after all.

This is good news for Nelle as she will have a paying job and a place to live. However, it will not be good news for Sonny and Carly as they believe that the girl that has been scheming against them all this time is leaving Port Charles for good and getting out of their lives completely. Ms. Hayes admitted that she is Frank Benson’s daughter and she was out for revenge against Carly. What she did not reveal was that she lied about sleeping with her husband.

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Once the Corinthos family finds out that Nelle is not going back to where she came from, their heads will be spinning with anger. However, they now have their hands full with Olivia Jerome whom they just found out is Morgan’s killer. Carly has her currently at gunpoint, so Nelle Hayes is far from their minds right now.

Once Sonny and Carly realize that this girl, who has destroyed their lives, has decided to stick around, they will be furious. Will Sonny end up putting a hit out on Nelle Hayes? He did threaten her before, but then there is Michael who still has feelings for her. He may just stand in the way of his parents taking it upon themselves to deal with her in that way.

The interesting part is that Nelle will be rubbing elbows with Valentin Cassadine while she is taking care of his daughter. Since they are both considered villains on General Hospital now, they could definitely wreak havoc in Port Charles if they wanted to. There is still more to know about Nelle, and things may change once more details emerge about this girl.

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As for Carly, General Hospital spoilers coming from Soap Central for next week suggests that she will not be forgiving Sonny anytime soon. She is finding it difficult to forgive the lies and ultimate betrayal from her husband. This could be the end for this couple unless Nelle ends up telling the truth that she never did sleep with Sonny and that she set it all up to look that way. That would certainly help the situation, but even then, Carly may not be able to get past the fact that Sonny never told her the truth about what went on with him and her assistant.

Now that Carly has lashed out at Nelle and gave her that now famous slap across the face for lying all this time, she may just not tell the truth about her and Sonny for a long while just to make her former boss suffer a bit longer. However, Michael may just come into play eventually, and she could start feeling guilty about the whole thing.

Are you happy that Nelle is sticking around General Hospital? Will Sonny and Carly’s marriage survive this ordeal?

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