Britney Gets “Erotic,” Releases Finished Womanizer Single

After a leaked unfinished version of “Womanizer” hit last week, Britney’s new single has been cleaned up and released. Is it going to be a hit? I can’t wait to see how it fares because (to me, Brit fans, sorry) it sounds generic. And not exactly like her, because her voice has been taken over by the magical digital reworking machine.

For the guys who could care less what it sounds like, supposedly there is “erotic” choreography in the upcoming video to keep you distracted. According to, Britney wears tight leather pants and straddles a man in a business suit:

“The scene continues with Spears sucking on cherries or dangling them around her mouth, all while straddling and crawling all over the man, the witness says.”

Well, there’s something for everyone, at least. It’ll be playing in a Club Near You.