Chrissy Metz Talks 'This Is Us' Weight Loss And Sex: 'Fat People Do Have Sex'

Joanne Eglash

Soon after This Is Us became a hit, Chrissy Metz was proclaimed a breakout star on the show for her portrayal of Kate. A character struggling with her weight, career, and love life, Kate has earned her own fan club. Now, those fans have something new to anticipate because Metz hinted that in addition to the suspense of when her character will shed pounds, there's the possibility of a sex scene. Chrissy also reflected on the hot button topic of Jack's death, and why Kate seems to feel so much guilt around the loss of her dad.

Even though the season finale of This Is Us turned the spotlight on Rebecca and Jack, Metz is doing her best to highlight the intrigue in the growing romance between Kate and Toby, reported Refinery 29.

Metz's character, Kate Pearson, and her This Is Us boyfriend, Toby Damon, (portrayed by Chris Sullivan) have experienced some challenges in their romance, from Kate's struggle to find a new career to Toby's heart surgery. But Chrissy feels that shouldn't stop the two from having sex.

"When are they going to have sex, guys? On screen."

Chrissy believes that the subtle hints about their intimacy should come out in the open. Metz herself met her boyfriend in real life, camera grip Josh Stancil, on the set of This Is Us. And she wants to see her character Kate portray more of her on-screen romance with Toby.

"I want it [a sex scene] on screen — I guess it'll offend people, still," mused the 36-year-old actress. "But fat people do have sex, for the record."

As for the ongoing subplot on This Is Us of Kate's weight loss, Chrissy's character has considered everything from gastric bypass surgery to a weight loss retreat. But for Metz, the weight loss journey of her character has become personal, noted People.

"I do want to lose weight. … But not because anyone is telling me to do it," clarified the star.

Chrissy currently wears a size 18 to 20 in pants, and she revealed that her goal is "to be proportioned," but that she's not necessarily aiming for a specific number on the scale.

"I carry a lot of my weight in my stomach," said Metz candidly.

"I just want to have … not even a number, but to have my body in a different shape."

"My father is a big guy; he's had a quadruple bypass surgery, and that's scary," admitted Chrissy. "Those are real things that happen in families with overweight people, and I don't want that."

Metz told People that she and Kate would share the same weight loss journey. She's had "a conversation" with the This Is Us team, and it's even in her contract, Chrissy added. However, Metz also emphasized that she and her character will lose weight "in a healthy manner," which means gradually.

"I have to be aware of not losing too much weight because of the show."

In addition to her weight loss, an ongoing theme in This Is Us has been the way that Kate seems to feel partly responsible for her father Jack's death. Metz also discussed her reaction when she learned how Jack died, reported Us Weekly.

"Jack is notorious for doing anything for Kate, and whether it's a good excuse that, 'Oh, I'm doing it for her. I'm doing it for my family,' he is a family man," pointed out Chrissy.

Consequently, as for the guilt that her character clearly feels, Metz noted that when something is done out "of the goodness of your heart, and you don't know what the repercussions will be, you have to live with that." And when she learned how Jack dies on This Is Us, Chrissy admitted that like her character, she felt "surprised and saddened."

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