Live Giraffe Camera: April In ‘Stellar Condition’ This Morning

Storm Stella, New York’s most aggressive snowstorm of 2017, continues on just days before spring. According to the Animal Adventure Park in New York, April the giraffe has “agreed” to give birth after the snowstorm is finished. The live giraffe camera on YouTube will be streaming. Thousands of people around the world are awaiting the magical moment when we finally get to meet April’s calf.

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Snow began falling on Tuesday afternoon and remained steady through the night. Keepers at the Animal Adventure Park have “hunkered down for the duration” of the storm. Their top priorities are maintaining the pathways so that the keepers can access and care for the animals, ensuring that water sources remain available, and the barns are warm and dry. They publically asked for helping hands after storm Stella has moved on.

“We are going to need some help when this is over! Once the snow stops, and travel is safe, we will need some helping hands and backs! We will post what and when, once the time is right.”

Many roads were left impassable, and events were canceled. The snowfall is expected to continue through late Wednesday afternoon. CBS News reported the following.

“The powerful nor’easter unloaded 1 to 2 feet of snow in places, grounded more than 6,000 flights, knocked out power to nearly a quarter-million customers from Virginia northward and, by the time it reached Massachusetts, had turned into a blizzard, with the wind gusting at nearly hurricane force over 70 mph along the coast and waves crashing over the seawalls.”

April the giraffe, and her mate Oliver, experienced the blizzard firsthand. Keepers at the park made sure to bring the animals inside and stock up on extra supplies. As seen on the live giraffe camera, April the giraffe is not yet in active labor. According to recent Facebook updates, she is showing positive signs, but still in a holding pattern. Keepers noted that the baby is very active and April is in “stellar condition.” The Instagram post below shows April the giraffe relaxing in front of the live camera.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, although active labor hasn’t started yet, changes in April the giraffe’s behavior caused the Animal Keepers to call in a vet to check on April’s condition.

“Afternoon and evening keeper and vet checks continue to indicate significant changes in April. Her back end has become significantly larger and relaxed, motion and pulsing in this area have been noted, and discharge has been observed. Ladies and gentlemen – we are close. We are still not confirming active labor, but will state all physical signs are headed in the right direction.”

This morning, after the brunt of the storm had passed, the animal keepers made sure to update everyone with April the giraffe’s morning status.

“April is doing what she does best, and waiting, and we are thankful! April and Oliver are doing well in their heated barn, while 2-3′ of snow encapsulate the property. All other stock is sheltered in place and comfortable.”

The live giraffe camera on YouTube will remain active throughout the birth of April the giraffe’s calf. The park has also mentioned that they will continuously post live updates on Facebook. It certainly is difficult to remain patient when April is this close, but checking the live giraffe camera is all any of us can do. The Instagram update below show a view from the live camera.

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The storm has intermittently disrupted the signal for April’s live giraffe camera. There may be issues with the signal to the live giraffe camera throughout the day as heavy winds continue. The camera may potentially go offline, but the Animal Adventure Park has stated that it should restart. The Park’s Instagram tells us that “the website is updated as quickly as possible with the newest live video link.” You can also watch April’s live giraffe camera below.

[Featured Image by Matthias Rietshel/AP Images]