Dax Shepard On His Daughter’s F-Bombs And Framing Kristen Bell For Murder

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell may be one of the most enviable couples in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean the husband and wife actors don’t have their own relationship flaws. During a recent visit to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dax shared some of those bumps he has experienced in family life with Ms. Bell, including his accidentally teaching their 3-year-old daughter, Lincoln, the F-word. Shepard reveals just how troubling things have gotten, since Lincoln learned that new word. The CHiPs star also shares his love of practical jokes, including his latest plot to frame Kristen for his murder.

CHiPs Star Dax Shepard Takes Heat For Teaching Daughter Lincoln To Swear

Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard was visiting Ellen to promote the upcoming reboot of CHiPs, which casts Dax as Jon Baker, when the conversation led into parenting and Shepard’s bad examples, reports E! News. He recalls setting up a bookshelf in Lincoln’s bedroom with the 3-year-old watching, when an accident caused Shepard to hit his head on the shelf.

“I let a couple of motherf***ers rip,” says Dax.

Shepard says he thought nothing of it at the time, but, later, he realized Lincoln had caught the slip of the tongue and added it to her own vocabulary. Dax caught Lincoln dropping a few F-bombs, while trying to fit into a new sweater.

Instead of calling her out on her bad language, Dax and wife Kristen Bell chose to ignore it, hoping the novelty would wear off and Lincoln would stop repeating the curse word. It may have worked, but the experiment ended with an embarrassing outing to a friend’s pool party.

“‘This pool is f**king warm,’” Dax recalls Lincoln blurting out at the event.

The news isn’t all bad. Both Shepard and Bell are proud that their daughter has been using the word correctly, so, while her vocabulary could use some adjusting, Lincoln’s parents are pleased with her use of grammar and sentence structure.

“Side note, we were like, ‘She’s nailing the syntax. She knows that she’s using it as an adjective, an adverb,” says the CHiPs star. “We were proud and she stopped saying it.”

Dax Tried To Frame Kristen Bell For Murder

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard do have a great relationship and love parenting their two daughters, Lincoln Shepard and 2-year-old Delta Bell Shepard, together, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their quarrels. People reports that Dax has set up Kristen, just in case one of their lover’s spats goes a little too far. While Bell wasn’t looking, Dax used her smartphone to search for some suspicious terms on Google.

“My husband is a bit of a jokester and once searched on my phone, ‘How to get away with murdering my husband,’” Bell explained in a recent interview. “If he ends up dead, how much trouble do you think I’m in?”

Keith Morrison, who hosted that earlier interview, informed Bell that things might not go her way in that event. He suggested to Kristen, who currently stars in the NBC sitcom, The Good Place, that she could be under suspicion just for thinking about murdering Dax. He added that her phone might be searched and police might blame her for Shepard’s Google query.

That topic of murder might soon be revisited. Dax recently purchased a new La-Z-Boy recliner for his home office, but it was a bad fit and Dax decided the next best thing was to set it up right in the center of the family room. Ever since Kristen and Dax have been fighting over the oddly placed piece of furniture.

So far, the CHiPs star says he’s winning the battle, but he adds that he knows Kristen will ultimately win the war.

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