New York Snowfall Totals: Live Updates Of Snowfall From Winter Storm Stella

The New York snowfall totals are starting to rack up as Winter Storm Stella continues to bear down, and anyone who wants to see live updates of just how deep the snow is piling up can find it right here.

The storm has brought blizzard conditions to many areas across New York, with strong winds leading to possible power outages and deep snow drifts on top of the already high totals for the state.

Though the storm is spread out across the Northeast, the snow totals in New York are among the biggest from Winter Storm Stella. As noted, the state’s Southern Tier was particularly hard hit, with Binghamton taking a record snow total.

“Stella has become the heaviest snowstorm on record in Binghamton, New York, surpassing Winter Storm Argos in November,” the report noted.

“As of 8 p.m. Tuesday evening, 28.8 inches of snow had been measured at Binghamton Regional Airport, and snow will continue to fall through Wednesday.”

The highest snowfall total for the entire Winter Storm Stella has also come in New York, the report noted, a full 34 inches in the Upstate town of Leonardsville.

Here were some other big New York snowfall totals for Winter Storm Stella: Endwell (27.2 inches), Jefferson (26.5 inches), Binghamton (26.4 inches) Delhi, Norwich and Owego (24 inches), Montgomery (23.5 inches), Albany (14.9 inches), NYC-Central Park (7.2 inches).

New York Snowfall Totals: Live Updates Of Snow From Winter Storm Stella

New York City, which was bracing for a huge snowfall total from Winter Storm Stella, ended up being spared the worst of it. Though some forecasters had the city getting as much as 20 inches — which would have been the biggest total since the Blizzard of 1888 — the storm ended up being blunted by warmer weather and the snowfall totals were much lower, the New York Times noted.

By the end of the day on Tuesday, only about seven inches of snow had fallen in Central Park and most of the precipitation was falling in the form of sleet. The areas just outside the city saw smaller totals as well when the snow turned to rain.

“We had so much rain after the changeover that for the most part we just have a lot of residual ponding,” Tim Morrin, a National Weather Service meteorologist, told the New York Times.

New York Snowfall Totals: Live Updates Of Snow From Winter Storm Stella

The Blizzard of 2017 did have effects in other areas, the New York Times noted. Transportation across New York was impacted, from Western New York where portions of the New York State Thruway were closed to tractor trailers to the New York City airports, which saw a high volume of delays.

More than6,000flights scheduled for Tuesday within the United States were canceled, according to, with thousands of cancellations at New York’s airports, Logan International Airport in Boston and other airports in the Northeast,” the report noted.

For portions of Western New York, the blizzard came as many residents were still cleaning up from last week’s wild weather. A wind storm struck on Wednesday, bringing wind gusts up to 82 miles an hour — hurricane force winds — and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of residents. Some of them were still regaining power early this week when the Blizzard of 2017 started to strike, and some schools had still not re-opened from the damage and power outages from the wind storm.

Those looking for live updates for New York snowfall totals can check here for constantly updated information straight from the National Weather Service. The New York Times has also published a live map of all the snowfall totals in New York, one that is updated every 10 minutes as new information comes in.

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