Will Tori Spelling’s Husband Dean McDermott Go To Jail? [UPDATE]

UPDATE: 3/15/2107, 10:00 p.m.: Dean McDermott was supposed to pay half of what he owes his ex-wife in back child support, but the two met on the court steps, and he only had $2500. McDermott allegedly begged Eustace, and she will not send him to jail for now. He owes her another payment on 4/1/2017.

Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott had until today to pay up at least 50 percent of the back child support and alimony payments that he owes his ex, Mary Jo Eustace. If the court does not get notification tomorrow morning, West Coast time, that McDermott paid up, then he is in contempt of court, and will be picked up with a warrant from criminal court.

Dean McDermott told the judge in court last week that he has fallen on hard times, and does not have the ability to pay his ex wife, Mary Jo Eustace for the back support for their son Jack McDermott, says the Inquisitr. The judge explained to Dean McDermott that this is now a criminal matter and asked him if he needed a legal aid lawyer, as McDermott did not bring a private lawyer with him, and McDermott said yes. Sources say that Dean McDermott looked scared and sweaty as the judge told him that it would be up to Eustace if he ends up in jail. It seems that the only way McDermott, now a father of six, will stay out of jail is if his wife, Tori Spelling, asks her mother, Candy Spelling, for money. McDermott and Spelling just welcomed their sixth child into the world last week.

InTouch says that Mary Jo Eustace has let Dean McDermott off the hook before when he dodged his obligation to pay child support and alimony, but sources say that Eustace no longer will give him a pass. If McDermott doesn’t pay up, sources say he is going to be arrested.


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Eustace took McDermott to court last week to put it on the record that he has shirked his responsibility and just stopped paying child support for his son Jack.

“Dean told Mary Jo that she wasn’t going to be happy until he was ‘in jail, being someone’s b**ch.’ The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is also officially investigating him for being a deadbeat dad, and he could lose his driver’s license and passport for failure to pay.”

Dean McDermott and wife Tori Spelling are both in deep with financial problems, as they have significant credit card debt and have also been hit with a tax lien. Tori Spelling has explained that she has expensive taste, and because she was raised with money, it’s been hard for her to live frugally. Many of their expenses are now being paid by Spelling’s mother, Candy, who pays for school for Tori’s kids, and also has reportedly been paying her rent.

Last week started off on a happy note as Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott welcomed their fifth child, a boy named Beau Dean McDermott, says the Los Angeles Times.

“The littlest McDermott has arrived. Welcome to the world Beau Dean McDermott.”

The newest baby was allegedly conceived after Spelling and McDermott got back together after he admitted having an affair with a Canadian woman. McDermott reportedly apologized for cheating, and went to rehab.

Other sources have said that when McDermott left Eustace, he boasted to her that he had hit the financial jackpot, as Tori Spelling was going to inherit millions from her father, Aaron Spelling. But when Aaron Spelling died, he left almost everything to his wife, Candy, and their son, Randy.

Do you think Tori Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott came up with the money to stay out of jail?

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