As Soon As April The Giraffe Gave Birth, The Sponsor Tag Changed

April the giraffe, the viral sensation of Animal Adventure Park, gave birth today and quickly got a new sponsor. As the world watched April the giraffe give birth in real time, the sponsor tag on the lower left of the screen was the Toys "R" Us logo. Toys "R" Us has been sponsoring the live stream of April the Giraffe's stall since around the 15-month mark of the giraffe's pregnancy.

Fortune reported that the sponsorship opportunity was a very big deal.

"To Toys "R" Us, it was something like the Internet version of the Super Bowl."
Geoffrey the Giraffe, Toys "R" Us's beloved mascot, was perfect for the Animal Adventure Park's live giraffe cam on YouTube. April provided Toys "R" Us with an amazing marketing opportunity, according to Fortune.
"April the Giraffe has thus provided the retailer with a continuous marketing campaign that has lasted longer than anyone expected, and reached a massive captive audience that rivals television's most popular showings."
Mazuri was the giraffe cam's previous sponsor, TMZ reported. According to KYMX News, when Mazuri's contract expired, Animal Adventure Park was scrambling to find a new sponsor. It seemed like Toys "R" Us saved the day, but the sponsorship ended up being a great opportunity for the famous toy store.
Toys "R" Us' sponsorship has come to an end though.

The sponsor tag changed just moments after the new baby was born.

There was no major announcement, and the sponsor tag on the bottom left of the YouTube video just switched.

And it was perfect.

Yes, the sponsor to follow Toys "R" Us, is so sweetly and appropriately none other than Babies "R" Us.

The Animal Adventure Park's Facebook page has over a million fans, and the Animal Adventure Park's YouTube channel has a whopping 500,000 subscribers.

While awaiting the birth of April the giraffe's baby, the Inquisitr reported that Animal Adventure Park intends to keep the live giraffe cam up for approximately one more week. The park administrators want to make sure that everyone gets to watch April bonding naturally with her new baby calf, and the live giraffe cam is a way that the public can be educated on this important bonding period and this critical developmental stage in the life of a baby giraffe.

The zoo, reportedly, doesn't anticipate that the giraffe cam will stay up permanently, the Inquisitr reported earlier. The park is due to open to the public on May 13.

Currently, the park is looking for a name for the new baby. A temporary web page has been set up where the public can submit their votes and help name April the giraffe's new baby giraffe. Votes are $1 each, and there is a minimum of five votes required. So, you will get five votes for $5, basically. Funds raised with the new campaign will be split between giraffe conservation efforts in the wilderness, the park itself, and Ava's Little Heroes, which is an annual event that supports local families and their children who are facing unexpected medical journeys and expenses.

Many have said that the baby should be named Geoffrey in honor of his mama's sponsor.

April the Giraffe will naturally raise the calf, Animal Adventure Park reported. They say that the giraffe will nurse between six and 10 months, maybe longer. After the baby has naturally weaned, the calf will eventually be moved to a new facility to begin a breeding program at that new facility. The park explains that it can not retain baby calves born in the zoo, because "it would lead to incestuous mating and undermine the genetics of the program and species."

[Featured Image by Animal Adventure Park/AP Images]