Corinne Olympios For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2017: Nick Viall’s Ex Not Joining?

Corinne Olympios continues to be on the spotlight despite the recent announcement on Nick Viall’s winner. It seems like fans want to see more of The Bachelor Season 21 villain and are hoping she would get another shot on Bachelor in Paradise 2017. But will Corinne join the next competition?

Corinne previously told E! News that she might not be on Bachelor in Paradise 2017. It is too early to tell if she will join the cast but she said she has not received an offer yet. But there could still be one reason why she will not head to the Mexican paradise — besides not being interested — and that is because of her newfound romance.

Olympios has faced recent rumors of her being engaged to someone even while she was dating Nick on The Bachelor. Sources revealed to Us Weekly that Corinne is actually engaged to a guy from Miami, who was her on-and-off fling before she joined the dating competition.

One of Corinne Olympios’ flings, Keith Berman, confirmed that the 24-year-old beauty is still with someone. Berman revealed in a January blog post that he and the business owner had a “little fling” more than two years ago. He then revealed to Us that Corinne had shared to him about her love life.

“She said to me, ‘We’re still together. I don’t want anyone to know — you have to keep this a secret for me.’ And I said, ‘OK, I’ll do whatever you want.’ That was what she had told me in person.”

Corrine already set the record straight by telling E! News that what Berman told everyone was a complete lie. She did meet up with him but only to confront him about the things that he had written about her on his blog.

While Olympios confirmed that she and Keith are friends, she denied about the secret love life that he has been telling the media. According to Corinne, Berman is simply using her for attention.

The Miami-born blonde was seriously not thrilled about all the rumors going on and even considered having her lawyers get involved with the mess Berman created.

Olympios may have cleared the engagement rumors but she admitted that there is someone that she really likes.

“Look I’m not engaged. I’m talking to someone new period.”

With this statement, Corinne’s chance of becoming a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise 2017 would be really slim. Olympios genuinely likes the guy, and although they are not dating exclusively, she believes that the relationship is heading somewhere serious.

Olympios has yet to reveal the identity of this mysterious guy that has captured her heart. However, rumors suggest that this someone could be The Bachelorette villain, Chad Johnson, who revealed to InTouch earlier this month that he and Corinne have “texted a little bit.” It also happened that Corinne recently confirmed that she is “talking to someone.”

Corinne Olympios admits she likes someone at the moment

Fans are taking it as a hint that Olympios and Johnson could be hiding their relationship. However, neither of them confirmed anything yet. What is certain is that Johnson will be back for Bachelor in Paradise 2017.

Johnson, a luxury estate agent, did not succeed at finding love during his time with JoJo Fletcher and when he got kicked off from the previous season of Bachelor in Paradise. But he will get another chance as he confirmed to Wetpaint that he will be back for another round.

If rumors are true about Corinne and Chad, will she take up an offer to join Bachelor in Paradise and make it more interesting for the network and the audience? Fans can only hope so as Corinne remains always on top of the list of contestants that should be on Bachelor in Paradise 2017. The wait for an official announcement from Corinne or ABC continues.

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