Giraffe Cam YouTube: April 'Agrees' To Give Birth After Snowstorm

The Giraffe Cam on YouTube is keeping a close eye on April the giraffe and her mate Oliver. It has become one of the most watched internet live feeds in recent days, with thousands of people tuning in to YouTube, at any given moment, to await the birth of April the giraffe's fourth calf. This calf will make Oliver a first time dad. The zoo has been continuously providing viewers with updates on April's pregnancy status by updating their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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This is Animal Adventure Park's first giraffe calf. Because the due date for April's baby isn't known, everyone at the zoo is also excitedly awaiting for April's labor to begin.

The Giraffe Cam on YouTube has been bringing people all over the world together and will allow many of them to watch April give birth live on the Giraffe Cam. While people have been awaiting the live birth of April's calf on YouTube, they have witnessed her nuzzling with her mate, four-year-old Oliver, who is in the next stall over. Some have even been lucky enough to watch her stomach move. She has been keeping herself busy eating or sleeping, all the while getting ready for the big event.

Because of New York's frigid winter weather, April and the other animals at the zoo have been spending most of their time indoors. Viewers have taken note that April prefers the comfort of her stall lately, since she hasn't ventured out, even when given the opportunity to do so.

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Workers at the Animal Adventure Park have noted that April is showing signs that she is just about ready to go into labor. However, the exact time or date still remains unclear. Active labor has not started. Changes in April's behavior this morning caused Animal Keepers to check on April's condition.
"Behavior observed at 4/4:30 AM EST did warrant a check of condition. Keeper report indicates April remains in the same condition as observed in earlier overnight checks."
Monday's evening checkup proved to be very exciting indeed. Animal Adventure Park workers made sure to update the world with the good news.
"Afternoon and evening keeper and vet checks continue to indicate significant changes in April. Her back end has become significantly larger and relaxed, motion and pulsing in this area has been noted, and discharge has been observed. Ladies and gentlemen - we are close. We are still not confirming active labor, but will state all physical signs are headed in the right direction."
The Giraffe Cam on YouTube will remain active through the entire birthing, and the park has mentioned that they will continue to post live Facebook updates. It is hard to remain patient when the birth of April's calf is so close, but checking the Giraffe Cam on YouTube is all any of us can do while we wait. Staff members are staying on site to check on April and mitigate snow levels as they begin to pile up at the Zoo.
"Current totals are easily 2', snow drifts achieving 4-5'. Animals are all happy and safe, April the giraffe has agreed to hold out a day or so longer (we hope) and Keepers are recovering." We have (4) team members onsite and hunkered down for the duration. Priorities are maintaining pathways to water sources, bedded down barns and shelters, and maintaining some sort of pathway for keeper access."
The storm has, and will likely, continue to disrupt the signal feeding April's live Giraffe Cam on YouTube. It is possible that the cam may go offline, however, it should restart. The park's Instagram states that "the website is updated as quickly as possible with the newest video link." You can watch April's live Giraffe Cam on YouTube below.

[Featured Image By Volodymyr Burdiak/Shutterstock]