Lauren Bushnell Seemingly Bashes Josh Murray On Behalf Of Amanda Stanton

Did Lauren Bushnell just take a swipe at Josh Murray on behalf of Amanda Staton? On Tuesday afternoon, Lauren, who became good friends with Amanda during their time together on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, posted a tweet criticizing people who talk about prayer and constantly recite inspirational quotes but yet call women horrible and insulting names. Lauren added that such people need to go away.

While Lauren didn’t include a name in her tweet, some people quickly guessed that she was talking about Josh, who frequently sprouts inspirational sayings and Bible quotes on his social media accounts. Josh also frequently quoted the Bible and provided positive soundbites during his time on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, where he met and got engaged to Amanda.

Josh didn’t seem to appreciate Lauren’s tweet. When someone tweeted to Josh that people who talk about people who pray need to stay in their own lane and concentrate on their own business, Josh replied that misery loves company. “#ByeFelicia,” he added.

Amanda replied to Lauren’s tweet by listing the three things that she may be concentrating on now instead of Josh.

Interestingly enough, Josh listed those three same things in an Instagram post that he posted about two weeks ago.

At the same time that Lauren posted her tweet, Amanda, in reference to an article that claimed that she and Josh are taking things slow with their relationship, pointed out that she has not actually said such a thing herself to any media outlets. It seems that Amanda wants to make it clear that what the media outlets are reporting regarding her and Josh isn’t true.

Last Friday, Josh revealed that he was going to Los Angeles for a week. Besides going there for a Nick Viall Bachelor season finale viewing party, perhaps he was going there to see Amanda, who lives in nearby Laguna Beach?

If Josh Murray did see Amanda Stanton over the past few days, it doesn’t seem to have gone well. On Monday night, Josh cryptically tweeted that he was free.

On Tuesday, right after Amanda’s tweet that seemed to refute that she and Josh are still trying to work things out, Josh posted another tweet seemingly about his personal life. He tweeted that the cuffs are off and that it’s time to live again. He included a hashtag that said that he doesn’t have time for fake-ness.

What was Josh talking about? One person assumed that he was talking about Amanda controlling him.

Another person, however, criticized Josh by repeating Lauren Bushnell’s accusation. The person told Josh to stop quoting the Bible while calling beautiful and strong women horrible names.

While attending a viewing party for Nick Viall’s The Bachelor season finale on Monday night, Josh, in an interview with Us Weekly, claimed that he and Amanda, who broke off their engagement in December 2016, are starting to work on the relationship again.

“It’s complicated right now. I want to take things slow right now. There’s a lot to work on. There’s a lot that needs to change and we’re starting to work on that, so we’ll see what happens.”

As for what’s stopping them from truly being a couple again, Josh claimed that Amanda changed her mind regarding where they’ll live.

“When we were on Paradise, she told me that [moving to Atlanta] is what she wanted to do, right? But, you know, we got off, and it was a different story. Staying in the East, that’s where my family is. That’s where I grew up and everything, so I was very excited that that was something she was open to doing, but you know, it turned out that wasn’t the case. … I want my parents to be around for my kids, so that’s a tough thing. If I lived out here they wouldn’t be here [in California], so that’s definitely a big factor for me.”

Josh Murray’s first ex-fiancee, former The Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman, wrote in her memoir after their breakup that Josh was controlling, jealous and emotionally abusive. She claimed that during arguments, he would sometimes call her a b**ch or whore. During last year’s Bachelor in Paradise, Andi’s runner-up, Nick Viall, warned Amanda Stanton that what Andi wrote about Josh was probably true. Josh himself called Andi’s book pure fiction. As the Inquisitr reported, after Josh pretty much claimed that she was lying about him, Andi quickly tweeted a rebuttal. Andi also gave a somewhat dismissive response when asked about Josh and Amanda’s engagement.

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