‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Kevin McKidd Talks Divorce Between Owen And Amelia

Will divorce happen between Owen and Amelia in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13? Kevin McKidd has recently spoken about the two characters – one of those is his own character, Owen Hunt. While there are no definite details, there are certainly some hints.

Things have not been easy for the couple. Like many Grey’s Anatomy couples, the two have rushed into a relationship. They married at the end of Season 12, and there were hints then that things would not go well between the two. Amelia took off with her bridesmaids, Meredith and Maggie, but turned up at the very end to walk down the aisle.

They soon got over that blip and started talking about having a baby. It didn’t take long for the two to try to conceive, with Amelia quickly finding out that she could be pregnant. While a pregnancy test came up negative, Grey’s Anatomy fans saw the mixed emotions. While Amelia was a little disappointed, there was certainly relief on her face.


Amelia has now realized that she doesn’t want a baby. It’s more likely that she is afraid of having a baby. Private Practice fans already know her backstory, although Grey’s Anatomy fans who never watched the spinoff may not have all the details. They know that Amelia had a baby who survived for 43 minutes. That baby was born without a brain but with an active brain stem. It did mean that the little boy could donate all his organs, but Amelia had the tragic and heartbreaking moment of saying goodbye.

She will be scared that something like that will happen again. While as a doctor she will know that the chances aren’t high, there are still some chances. This is very similar to April’s fear throughout Season 12 about having another baby that couldn’t survive outside the womb. April and Jackson were able to move past it – partially because they didn’t have a choice since the pregnancy happened quickly. Amelia hasn’t had the chance to get over the fear.


According to Unreality TV, things do not look good for the Grey’s Anatomy couple. McKidd admits that this could lead to a big gap between the two and there is no coming back from the decision. Owen really wants a child, as he did when he was with Cristina. Unfortunately, he’s with women who have different wants and needs.

That being said, McKidd admits that the current situation could be a red-herring. Shonda Rhimes has a habit of making fans believe that one storyline will happen, only to have a different one win over at the very end. Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 had many fans debating whether Alex would go to jail, only to find out that DeLuca had used a loophole to drop the charges.

It is possible that Owen will see through Amelia’s fears. He has his own baggage and knows the benefits of therapy. There is also a chance that he will encourage Amelia to go to couples counseling, as he and Cristina went through at one point. While things didn’t work out between Cristina and Owen, that wasn’t because of the counseling. The two just wanted different things. For Amelia, it is like she wants a child but isn’t willing to get over the fear of losing another baby – understandably, of course!

The two do need to talk. Fans finally got to see them onscreen together last week, after a few episodes of being apart. Caterina Scorsone was on maternity leave, meaning this storyline had to be written in this way. Now that Amelia is back at the hospital, there is chance that the two will talk again on Grey’s Anatomy Season 13.

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