Kansas Senator Steve Fitzgerald Compared Planned Parenthood To Nazi Death Camp

Planned Parenthood is a controversial organization depending on whom you ask, but it might be a first that someone publicly compared them to a Nazi death camp, but Senator Steve Fitzgerald seemed to have no issue with the claim. It seems that the Kansas Senator's real problem began when Planned Parenthood actually sent him a thank you note. The reason they did this was that one of Fitzgerald's constituents made a donation to Planned Parenthood in the Senator's name.

It seems pretty obvious that he was not very happy about them making the donation and made sure to let his frustration be known, and compared them to that of Dachau, which was one of Nazi Germany's numerous death camps. He claimed in a statement to Planned Parenthood...

"It is with great dismay that I received your letter that a donation was made in my 'honor' to your heinous organization, This is as bad — or worse — as having one's name associated with Dachau. Shame on your organization and shame on anyone that would attempt to blacken my name in this manner. "
Naturally, it is, of course, wrong to donate money in a person's name and not your own unless you know full well that they would agree with it, and even then it would be polite to ask. It is well known that Senator Fitzgerald is a conservative, citing himself as a Republican. He has also been vocal about his claims like many other Republicans regarding not being a fan of Planned Parenthood.

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It seems the the Kansas Senator did not pull punches when it came to Planned Parenthood. Comparing them to a Nazi concentration camp is quite a bold claim, but one can imagine that he said this out of anger and frustration. At least you could, if by chance he pulled back on his claims after this letter became public when this Planned Parenthood organization apparently tweeted it out.

The donations were said to be made by Ali Weinel, who lives in the Prairie Village, Kansas, area. She told the Kansas City Star why she made the $25 donation in the Senator's name to Planned Parenthood. She claimed that it was not out of spite, but rather because he did not offer her the kind of response she wanted after she voiced her concerns over a recent anti-abortion rights bill. She claimed as follows.

"I just was so angry and knew that the only way I could be less angry was if I made a difference. So that's what I did."
She claimed she did not make her decision to donate to Planned Parenthood in the name of Senator Fitzgerald out of spiteful reasons. However, her claims regarding why she did it surely sound very spiteful. She was angry and knew the only way to not be mad any longer was to try and make the Senator the angry one rather than her. Which at the end of the day means she was clearly upset and wanted to "get back" at Fitzgerald.

Senator Fitzgerald, as mentioned earlier, did not make his comments just out of anger and try to somehow clarify later on. In fact, he decided to double down on the claims he made on Planned Parenthood in the letter, telling the Kansas City Star the following.

"It was either send them that or ignore it. I figured, I don't want my name associated as a donation to Planned Parenthood, in my name, to go on undenounced by me. I think the Nazis ought to be incensed by the comparison. What I'm saying is, they're both exterminating innocent human life."
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As stated previously, the Kansas Senator has been a heavy pro-life supporter who has fought against any sort of abortion bill that he has come across, which is not surprising for a conservative member of Congress. In fact, in 2013 he was a big supporter of a fetal personhood bill, which claimed life began at fertilization. The bill also forced physicians to feed their patients inaccurate medical information about abortion possible abortion risks.

It heavily restricted sex education knowledge, especially when it came to copulation and contraception fronts. While many Republicans did not have an issue with fetal personhood, it goes against all medical law to deny proper education regarding abortions or sex education from doctors. If a patient asks, they should not have to wonder if a doctor is lying to them, especially the person they trust to help them. The Senator did explain his support at the time to the Associated Press, saying as follows.

"The human is a magnificent piece of work at all stages of development, wondrous in every regard, from the microscopic until full development."
Sadly for the Senator, it seem his comments made about Planned Parenthood may have not worked out well for him. While the claims are of course bold, in comparing them to Nazis, Senator Fitzgerald may have also driven up donations. People have apparently called for people to donate to this particular Planned Parenthood office to "tick off a U.S. Senator." However, the Senator's main issue was not the donation but rather it being done in his name, when he never once supported any Planned Parenthood office or the organization at all.

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