‘Revolution’ Episode 109: ‘Kashmir’ Recap

The music of seminal rock band Led Zeppelin is featured in this week’s episode of Revolution, appropriately titled “Kashmir.”

After being betrayed by Nora’s sister Mia last week, Miles and Charlie race towards Philadelphia to rescue Danny and get the power pendant back from Monroe.

This week Miles and Nora try to appeal to a rebel group near Philadelphia for help getting Danny back. But the rebels have a hard time trusting Miles, who is the former Commanding General of Monroe’s Militia.

After convincing them he’s somewhat trustworthy, Miles, Aaron, Nora and Charlie work together with the rebel army to break into Monroe’s lair by first maneuvering through subway tunnels riddled with booby-traps.

After they successfully get past a mine, the explosion closes off their only access to fresh air. As they go deeper into the tunnels to try and get to Monroe, Miles and the others risk losing oxygen.

Our first taste of Led Zeppelin tonight comes courtesy of Rachel Matheson. She is still a hostage of Monroe’s and after he obtained the power pendant, she is forced to work on an amplifier. But at least she can listen to good tunes while doing so.

Her amplifier will increase the range of the pendent from nine feet to half a mile. Once it is completed, Monroe will have the power to turn on jets, helicopters and tanks—deadly weaponry that could kill thousands. But can he trust that Rachel is building what she says she is?

As Charlie and the others slowly run out of air in the tunnels, they begin hallucinating. Can they make it through without falling apart? What will Miles’ hallucinations reveal about his past relationship with Monroe?

What did you think of this week’s episode of Revolution, “Kashmir”? Were you disappointed only two of Led Zeppelin’s songs were featured? Are you excited for the Fall Finale next week?

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