Autistic Sexual Abuse Victim, 10, Pens Emotional Letter Detailing Dark Ordeal

The mother of an elementary student in Australia has shared the letter her brave 10-year-old son penned as a way to help himself and others move on from the pain of sexual abuse.

The Daily Mail reports that the 10-year-old boy, who deals with high-functioning autism, relayed to his mom that he had been assaulted by a fellow male classmate daily for a three-week period in 2014. He was also threatened with violence and death if he dared told anyone of what he was going through.

“He told his mother another boy had ‘touched him when he went to the toilet,’” the Daily Mail explains of the repeated incidents.

Before writing the letter, the child was said to have been brave enough to share details of the sexual abuse with three of his teachers, with each one ultimately brushing his story off and refusing to report the matter further.

“At that point, I didn’t know the extent of what happened,” the boy’s mother explained to the Daily Mail.

“We called the police and he told them what the other boy had done to him, and I just cried.”

After the authorities stepped in, the woman took her child to the school’s principal and reiterated her son’s claims, where they were both told that her son’s disability would help him to “get over” the life-changing incident.

“The principal told him he was lucky he was autistic because he, ‘wouldn’t feel the impact of sexual abuse like other children,’” the woman continued, “but three years later he is still feeling it.”

Elite Daily adds that as a result of the sexual abuse, “the boy’s family saw his anxiety and fears manifest in several ways at home. He went through a phase of compulsively locking all the windows in the house, and he took to sleeping on the floor.”

The mother mentioned that she has since transferred her son and his brother, 6, to other schools, but that hasn’t stopped her child from exhibiting trauma related to the sexual abuse, such as refusing to use bathrooms outside of his home, which he seemingly doesn’t leave too often following the assault.

“I got a phone call from his counselor telling me that my son wanted to kill himself,” she said of one instance.

“I just want him to be safe, so I have kept him home [lately]. They threatened me with having the kids taken [away from] me, but the only reason he is scared of going to school is because the system let him down in the first place.”

As part of his own attempt to heal from the sexual abuse he’s suffered through, the boy compiled a handwritten letter to other children who have dealt with the dark situation.

sexual abuse letter

“Hi, my name is [name removed], I’m 10 years old now and I’ve been sexually abused like you,” he wrote.

“When I went through it, it was annoying. I told my teacher [and] she wouldn’t listen to me. I told my mum and went through counselling. I tried to hurt myself. I hated this.”

He goes on to reveal that while he was made to leave his school for his own safety, his abuser was allowed to remained enrolled.

“They made me change schools, but I wanted to stay,” the child continued.

“The boy who did this to me got to stay.”

The boy’s mother admits that at first, she confused his disdain for attending school as normal laziness.

“He was crying and didn’t want to go to school, [and] I just thought he was [just] trying to get out of going,” she stated.

“The teachers told me to just keep bringing him, so I did.”

The Australian Department of Education specified that they were unable to comment on ongoing legal matters. The boy’s full letter to sexual abuse victims can be read here.

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