BrewDog To Open Exclusive Craft Beer Hotel In Ohio

BrewDog is all set to bring beer fans an extraordinarily indulgent beer-themed experience. The Scottish craft brewery has construction plans in Columbus, Ohio, and aims to come up with a craft beer hotel.

BrewDog is looking to position the hotel adjacent to its sour beer brewery and taproom. This will allow guests to enjoy a facility tour during their stay.

The entire stay acknowledges the significance of hops and recognizes the seemingly unbelievable vastness of the world of craft beer.

The organization has involved itself in doing what they can to set up DogHouse, the epic hotel, as well as the adjacent sour beer brewery. This has all been made possible through extensive crowdfunding.

BrewDog made news in 2015 by creating a furor in the financial world through its record-breaking anti-business crowdfunding model Equity for Punks IV, which was able to surpass the 10 million pound mark, with the number of investors reaching approximately 35,000 individuals.

This futuristic business model gave beer lovers the opportunity to invest in the organization and, in turn, own a portion of it. At that time, the BrewDog community clarified that they wanted to bring change to the world of insipid, industrial beer by introducing more and more craft beer.

Compared to any other business, BrewDog has taken more funds through crowdfunding. Before it reached the 10 million pound mark, the record of highest crowdfunding for any project was a total of $6 million, as reported by MarketWatch.

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At that time, the company made it clear that "every penny raised will be invested in our business" so that BrewDog can experience growth and become a prized investment for its shareholders.

True to its words, the company is currently moving ahead with its troop of devoted beer punks through the Indiegogo platform to raise the adequate amount of funds to rapidly mobilize its plans for the creation of a beer dreamland dedicated to those who truly appreciate great beer.

James Watt, the co-founder of BrewDog, commented that a number of people have already visited the new brewery set up by the company in America, despite the fact that the first beer has not yet been released.

He goes on to say that given the large count of Equity Punks the company currently has, combined with the 55,000 global shareholders, it will put its best foot forward to offer an increasingly "immersive craft beer experience." This will expectedly lead to a more enjoyable "pilgrimage" to the brewery.

The DogHouse will contain rooms that are inspired by the most popular beers. The rooms will be built in such a fashion that they will overlook the folders in the new facility. Moreover, as James Watt narrates, there will also be "hop-infused face masks" that will be customized according to the hops in the choicest beers.

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Other facilities will include malted barley messages as well as a refrigerator in the suite for storing beer so guests are always within an "arm's length from a chilled can of Punk IPA."

Apart from the private Punk IPA tap, guests will also be treated to beer-based shower gels and shampoos. The craft beers stocked in the refrigerator will be of the best varieties across the globe and are hand-picked by Watt and co-founder Martin Dickie.

There will also be an added attraction in the form of deluxe breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with every course matched with the most appropriate beer.

Private brewery tours are also in the cards for guests, with the initial five sour beer facility releases promised for the Indiegogo campaign supporters. Expectedly, the DogHouse will welcome guests beginning in September of 2018.

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