Brock Osweiler Contract: Cleveland Browns Trade Rumors Include Denver Broncos?

Brock Osweiler contract details have frustrated fans since the Cleveland Browns traded with the Houston Texans to acquire him this NFL offseason. Now the latest Browns rumors include suggestions that the Denver Broncos could be interested in reuniting with their former quarterback. While there are certainly Broncos rumors about the team searching for another option at quarterback, that Osweiler contract seems to be a poison pill when it comes to any NFL teams' salary cap in 2017 and beyond.

A report by ESPN carried the surprising news that a Brock Osweiler trade had taken place between the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans. It was easier to discern why the Texans traded Osweiler, as it was a way for the team to save a lot of money during the NFL offseason. In exchange, the Browns received a sixth-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft and a second-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. The Browns did have to give up a 2017 fourth-rounder but came out ahead for next year's draft. All they have to do is pay Osweiler's salary.

So why did the Texans trade a quarterback who they just signed before the 2016 NFL season? It is because the Brock Osweiler contract is so ugly in nature that the Texans just wanted it off the books. Osweiler's contract calls for him to make a guaranteed $16 million in 2017, followed by base salaries of $18 million in 2018 and then $13 million in 2019. Osweiler also has a roster bonus worth $4 million should he still be playing under this current contract in 2019.

Brock Osweiler's Contract Details

2017: $16 million guaranteed base salary2018: $18 million non-guaranteed base salary2019: $13 million non-guaranteed base salary; $4 million roster bonus

Brock Osweiler Huddle With Houston Texans
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Now there are Denver Broncos trade rumors about the franchise showing interest in reacquiring the quarterback who played his first four seasons in the AFC West. Osweiler's stats for the Broncos included a 5-2 record in seven starts and appearances in another 14 games while with the team. Overall, he posted a quarterback rating of 86.0, with a ratio of 11 touchdowns to six interceptions.

Brock Osweiler contract negotiations with the Houston Texans went very well following his time with the Broncos, with his agent helping him acquire a four-year, $72 million deal. Osweiler's contract was surprising at the time, with most NFL analysts still saying it was a bad decision by the front office. He would play only one season with Houston, posting an 8-6 record, 2,957 yards, 15 touchdowns, 16 interceptions, and a quarterback rating of just 72.2 in 2016.

The Texans had seen enough, taking the opportunity to deal Osweiler. Browns fans were equally surprised that the deal took place, but early indications were that he might not spend a lot of time in Ohio. It's not a secret that the Browns could release Osweiler before he ever actually wears the uniform. The Browns' salary cap space is still among the biggest in the league, giving the team room to pay Osweiler's salary while telling him to simply go away.

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So what happens with Brock Osweiler's contract should the Cleveland Browns decide to simply cut him? The Browns would still be on the hook for any guaranteed portions of his deal, meaning a $16 million cap hit for the 2017 NFL season. If another team signs him, though, that salary gets deducted from what the Browns would have to pay him. An example could be the Denver Broncos offering him a one-year contract for $1 million. That would leave the Browns owing him $15 million during the upcoming season.

Other teams like the San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, and Miami Dolphins have also been mentioned in NFL trade rumors about Osweiler. These are all teams either have issues at quarterback or members of the coaching staff have direct links to him. The current Cleveland Browns' asking price for Osweiler is a third-round draft pick, which could become plausible if the team also agrees to pay a portion of his contract. Brock Osweiler's contract is barely a year old, but he could soon find himself on a third team during the month of March alone.

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