Birth Mom Of Florida Foster Teen Reportedly Viewed Child’s Facebook Live Suicide

A report released by the Florida Department of Children & Families allegedly notes the dark hand an estranged teen girl’s mother may have had in her own daughter’s live-streamed suicide on Facebook.

Gina Caze held an emotional press conference to blast the state’s child services organization after her daughter Naika Venant, 14, killed herself inside of the Miami foster home where she had been residing on January 22, the New York Daily News reports.

The young girl’s final act, which was reported here on the Inquisitr, was a culmination of a three-hour live video stream on the social media website, where Venant repeatedly told her Facebook followers that she had been planning to hang herself from a shower rod inside of her bathroom after being sexually abused by a former foster family member.

“Some of her friends saw the stream and posted comments to talk Venant out of it,” the Daily News adds, “[while] other users urged her to die, insulted her and said her death wish was ‘all an act.’”

One of the girl’s followers, a Gina Alexis, was ultimately discovered to be the online nom de plume of Caze, who crudely suggested that Naika possibly playing up her despondency for the sake of attention.

“That’s why [you’re] where [you’re] at, for this dumb s***,” Caze purportedly posted on Facebook as Naika’s suicide played out live.

“[And you’ll] keep crying wolf [until you’re] dead [and] buried. Life goes on after a ‘jit‘ that doesn’t listen to [their] parents.”

Child services were said to have been notified about Caze’s Facebook comments about three weeks after Naika’s live January 22 suicide, so claims the New York Post, as part of a detailed report on the abuse the deceased reportedly received throughout her life not just from those who took her in, but at the hands of Caze as well.

One such instance was noted when Naika was only 4 when child services were called after Caze apparently left her daughter in the care of a male babysitter without food or running water in the home. The very next year, DCF was notified once more after Naika was rushed to the emergency room to be treated for a publicly unnamed chronic health condition.

“The child welfare agency was contacted when Alexis called Naika a liar and a faker,” the report explains.

A 2009 incident which supposedly saw Caze beating Naika with a belt after the girl was sexually aggressive with another child led to Caze losing temporary custody of her daughter. When asked by caseworkers where she had learned the adult act, a 6-year-old girl Naika reportedly professed that she had done so by watching “sex movies” with both Caze and an unnamed romantic partner.

She was returned to her mother’s care one year later, which was around the time DCF first received word of a sexual abuse claim from Venant. Her supposed assaulter would go on record to claim to that the underage child had been the aggressor in the situation.

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Between 2009 and 2016, Nakia was said to have been transported from between foster home to foster home, and occasionally, back to the care of Caze, more than a dozen times. In April 2016, the wayward teen was once again placed into the care of the DCF by her mother after the woman expressed that she had “had it” with her daughter’s behavior.

“The report absolves foster care workers of any direct role in Venant’s demise,” the Daily News post addresses, “but it notes a ‘narrow’ approach taken to the family’s dysfunction. Venant cycled through 14 placements in the final year of her life, and there was only ‘fragmented’ information about her shared among workers as she moved around, the probe found.”

Caze has not charged for her actions. Following a handful of other people taking to Facebook to commit suicide live, coders the social media website recently integrated real-time suicide prevention tools to help prevent future incidents like Venant’s from playing out, as USA Today reported.

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