‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Lands New Reality Show Amid Drugs And Alcohol Rumors

Farrah Abraham, Kendra Wilkinson and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino might not seem to have much in common. However, Farrah the Teen Mom diva has landed a role on a new reality TV show that will involve co-starring with these and other celebrities. Abraham will be joining the Kendra on Top star and Jersey Shore reality TV phenom, among others, in the debut season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Family Edition, reported Us Weekly.

An unscripted show airing on We TV, the new series debuts Friday, April 28. Cast members who will seek to find a way to heal family issues include not just Farrah but her parents Michael and Debra as well. Wilkinson will be joined by her mother Patti, while Jersey Shore‘s Sorrentino will co-star with his brothers Frank Jr. and Marc. Also starring in the reality TV show are Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch‘s Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and his mother, Paula.

"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham will appear on a new reality TV show.

The show’s promo reveals that emotions run high, with Kendra ending up crying.

“I cannot have this person destroying my happiness anymore,” declares Wilkinson.

As for Farrah, her family drama is well known. The Teen Mom star often is seen battling with her parents on Teen Mom OG. But as the new reality TV show will reveal, she’s not the only one having issues with relatives. Kendra and Patti also had problems, while “The Situation” received a sentence to undergo anger management several years ago following a fight with his big brother Frank.

But it’s not just a spot on a new reality TV show that’s put the spotlight on Farrah recently. Radar Online reported that Simon Saran would not deny rumors that his girlfriend Abraham was “mixing prescription drugs with excessive drinking.”

Farrah Abraham faces allegations that she is mixing drugs and alcohol.

However, Farrah’s mother told Radar that the rumors about drugs and alcohol are not true.

“That is not true,” said Debra Danielsen. “That is absolutely not correct. My daughter works her a** off.”

Praising the Teen Mom star as working “very very hard,” Debra described Abraham as “a dedicated, professional woman.” As for the drug and alcohol rumors, she asserted that they “don’t believe in that and that’s not happening.”

The rumors alleging that Abraham was mixing drugs and alcohol resulted from a blind item in another media outlet, which claimed that an unnamed Teen Mom star was “suffering a pills and booze nightmare,” according to Radar.

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“The drinking of this Teen Mom is out of control,” alleged the blind item.

“Combine [drinking] with some pills she was prescribed and her already notorious temper and she was a walking train wreck.”

Moreover, the original report alleged that the unnamed reality star “screamed” at a fan who made a comment about her reported 20-pound weight gain. Radar stated that the item “was pointing at 25-year-old Abraham.”

Asked to comment on the drug and alcohol allegations, Saran told Radar that he was “not sure” if he could comment on those rumors.

Farrah has confessed that she used cocaine following the birth of her daughter Sophia, reported In Touch.

At the time, which is more than seven years ago, Abraham was struggling as a young, single mom, and admitted that she was “partying too much.” Explaining that she “needed an escape,” Farrah revealed that her partying involved the use of cocaine.

Abraham recalled an occasion when she was partying and suffered an emotional meltdown about the father of her baby. (Farrah’s baby daddy Derek Underwood died before Sophia was born.)

“I started crying about Derek to some guy I was kind of into, and everything I had been holding down for months came spewing out of me like vomit,” shared Farrah in her memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended.

“The next morning I woke up looking and feeling like a mess, and my nose hurt from the coke.”

And while Abraham emphasizes that she is “not proud of this episode,” she does view it as “a good wake-up call for me.”

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