Vanessa And Nick, Who Won ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Finale, Engaged Since November

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi, the lucky girl who won The Bachelor 2017 finale, got engaged just before Thanksgiving last year. In 2016, Thanksgiving was celebrated on November 24, which means the couple has been keeping the secret for almost four months now.

Soon after the finale that infuriated many Raven fans, Nick and Vanessa appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The host was quick to ask the couple, who looked quite comfortable with each other, about the actual time of Nick’s proposal. Nick revealed that he had proposed just before Thanksgiving. Vanessa, who is from Montreal, Canada, clarified that Nick was talking about the “American” Thanksgiving. Jimmy quipped that the “American” Thanksgiving is also known as the “real” Thanksgiving. The Canadian Thanksgiving was, by the way, celebrated on October 10 last year. Vanessa’s clarification proved that the couple got engaged between October 10 and November 24.

This means Vanessa Grimaldi, who won The Bachelor 2017 finale in November, had to keep it a secret for a really long time. The couple clarified that they were legally bound to keep the relationship a secret. Nick said it would not be great if they were caught together in real life before the finale happened. Vanessa said the couple had to sign a 25-page contract with the makers of the show.

Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi got engaged in November.

Even though it had to be highly confidential, Nick Viall said he told his parents about it. Jimmy Kimmel asked him if he trusted his parents for keeping the secret. “Barely,” Nick said with a smile. While Jimmy said that he would not trust his parents for keeping such a secret, Vanessa revealed that she told not only her parents but her brother and sister too. She did not miss a chance to brag about Montreal. According to her, it is such a city where people respect one another’s privacy. That is why nobody asked her what happened during the show. Jimmy wondered how it was possible that nobody from the entire city “cared” about what happened in the show.

Now, Jimmy Kimmel revealed a similarity between him and Vanessa, who won The Bachelor 2017 finale. Both of them have Italian lineage. Those, who wonder where the couple is going to live, should be happy that the host did not forget to ask the question. He said that he could confirm it as somebody from Italian descent that Vanessa would never leave her family. He joked that Vanessa’s family would kill Nick, if he tried to pull her out of the family.

Nick Viall found Vanessa

Nick waited and looked at Vanessa before giving a reply. He seemed to be confirming with his new-found love that she would spend quality time with him in Los Angeles. He said they would have to figure it out how Vanessa, a Canadian by passport, would settle in the United States.

Jimmy wondered Vanessa, who won The Bachelor 2017 finale, must have had a tough time watching the show with her family. He obviously meant it for the parts when Nick got intimate with other girls from the show. However, Vanessa insisted that nobody asked many questions, and everybody was quite cool about it. Everybody was either quite respectful or really didn’t care about them at all, Jimmy quipped. He said he was not sure which one was the case. The couple smiled awkwardly.

Vanessa earlier said Nick “made a good choice” about the engagement ring. Nick, on the other hand, told ABC News that he found Vanessa “stunning.” Here’s wishing all the best to the couple.

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