‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Did Liv Kill Julian? Julexis May Be Gone Forever

Julian Jerome has caused plenty of havoc on ABC’s General Hospital recently and his relationship with Alexis Davis has been in turmoil ever since he tried to kill her last year. This whole thing has upset many Julexis fans who want this couple to be together. Is there any hope for Julian and Alexis? There could be, but that all depends on whether the mobster has been killed by his sister or not. It doesn’t look good for him at all.

On Monday’s General Hospital, Olivia Jerome had kidnapped Alexis and had her handcuffed to the bridge when Julian got there. He brought his own gun, but his crazy sis provided him with hers and told him to shoot his wife. Why would she want him to do that? As seen in the special GH sneak peek that the soap provided, Liv wants her brother to suffer the same loss as she did.

In that crazy mind of hers, Liv has always been obsessed with Duke Lavery, and she is out to avenge his death. Now that he was not brought back alive like she had planned, she wants to make everyone around her suffer, especially Julian. While it looked like he would do what she asked and kill his wife, he instead used the gun to shoot her handcuffs to set her free.

Julian was not about to hurt Alexis this time. Unfortunately for him, he might have made the ultimate sacrifice to save her life. As seen on Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Julian and his sister struggled for the gun, and that’s when shots were fired. Alexis heard them and looked back just in time to see that her husband had gone over the bridge. Much to her horror, it appears that Julian has been shot and killed by Liv.

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What will happen next? Is Julian Jerome really gone? Since there is a river below, there will probably not be a body found. That means he will more than likely show up later on. It appears that everyone, including Alexis, will think that he is dead.

According to General Hospital spoilers for next week from Soap Central, she will be torn apart over what happened there on that bridge. Alexis will be grieving as she thinks that he is gone. Julian saved her life, but she will believe that he risked his to save hers and that she has lost him forever. Despite the fact that she tried to deny it all of these months, Alexis still loved her husband and he felt the same way.

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Of course, just because it appears that way sure doesn’t mean that he is dead. After all, Jason Morgan’s body was never found and he ended up coming back. There is also Julian’s other sis, Ava Jerome, who was thought to be dead and she was very much alive. So, unless Julian’s body is really found, he could just be out there injured and hiding out until Liv is gone — or he could eventually be laid up unconscious in a hospital somewhere. Fans will just have to wait to see if he survives.

But then again, there has been some talk of actor William deVry leaving General Hospital to pursue other projects, so it could very well be possible that his character is gone for good. That would make Julexis fans very unhappy. He and Alexis have been a favorite couple on the soap, despite the fact that he tried to kill her months ago. Apparently, Liv was pulling his strings and making him do all of the bad things he did. If she is finally out of the picture, he could come back to win Alexis’ heart once again.

Do you think Julian Jerome is really dead? Is there any hope for a Julexis reunion? Be sure to check out General Hospital in the coming weeks to find out if Alexis and Julian will end up back together.

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