WWE Spoils Roman Reigns ‘WrestleMania’ Match Ahead Of ‘Raw’

One of the fun things about watching the WWE is seeing the storylines play out ahead of big matches, and the current Roman Reigns storyline involves The Undertaker. Last week on Monday Night Raw, Braun Strowman called out Roman Reigns, but The Undertaker answered the call instead. While Braun left, Roman showed up and told Undertaker he wasn’t needed there and that he should leave. Undertaker responded by choke-slamming Reigns.

That leads to tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, where fans were expecting to hear Roman Reigns response to getting choke-slammed by The Undertaker. However, the WWE decided to spoil the progression of this storyline but announcing on Twitter that Undertaker and Roman Reigns will fight at WrestleMania 33.

It used to be that the WWE would want to surprise fans and lead them through interesting stories, which are honestly sometimes better than the matches themselves. Not many people expect Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker to be a great match.

While The Undertaker has had huge matches over the last two years, they were underwhelming. Bray Wyatt could have used a big push when he faced Undertaker last year, but the match really lacked something. The match with Brock Lesnar will always be remembered for the ending but the match itself was flat. The CM Punk match should have been great, but it was nowhere near the level fans expected.

Roman Reigns has great matches against everyone he fights, and his match against Braun Strowman was better than anyone could have expected. However, Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker is not something that will be great, mostly due to the WWE legend’s limitations in the ring at his age.

WWE Spoils Roman Reigns 'WrestleMania' Match Ahead Of 'Raww'
[Image by WWE]

That means the angle leading to the match is what will play a large role in how fans react to the match – similar to the Brock Lesnar match two years ago. That is where the WWE and social media have already started to spoil the WrestleMania 33 match with Roman Reigns.

While the WWE should have used tonight’s Monday Night Raw to really start to sell the Roman Reigns WrestleMania 33 match, they used social media for the most boring way to announce a match possible. The WWE might disagree. Stephanie McMahon has always believed that social media was one of the most important business tools for the WWE and talked about it with BusinessInsider last year.

“A lot of brands just push messages out on social media, but that’s not what social is about. Social is about engaging, it’s about a conversation, it’s about listening and then responding, it’s an ongoing conversation with our fan base.”

A perfect example of this is the reason that Roman Reigns has never attempted a heel turn since the WWE named him as the face of the company. Forbes reported that when Roman Reigns was the surprise 30th entrant in the 2017 Royal Rumble, a non-WWE tweet that showed the reaction to his entrance was shared 6,321 times. A WWE-released tweet showing Tye Dillinger’s entrance as the “Perfect 10” was only shared 1,700 times.


A report by Cageside Seats reported that Roman Reigns was in six of the 10 most watched YouTube videos from 2016 as well. This means that the WWE is putting a lot of attention into social media. In this case, it means that the WWE is reporting that Roman Reigns vs. Undertaker will happen at WrestleMania 33 instead of WWE fans waiting to wait to see Roman Reigns accept the challenge on television.

A lot of fans will tune into Monday Night Raw tonight to see what Roman Reigns has to say about the match and maybe see The Undertaker. However, the tweet takes one big moment of the story away from Roman Reigns and just throws it out on social media for people to see.

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