12-Inch MacBook 2017 Rumors: 14-Inch Model, 16GB RAM, And Jet Black Color Option

The 12-inch MacBook 2017 might be coming sooner than expected, with rumors stating that the ultraportable laptop would be unveiled sometime in April at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple’s new headquarters. If these rumors do come to fruition, there is a pretty good chance for Apple’s lightweight laptop to make a notable splash in the market early on in the year.

Though details about the upcoming device are quite scarce, speculations are high that the 12-inch MacBook would be given a number of compelling upgrades for its 2017 iteration. The 2016 version of the 12-inch MacBook was already a notable improvement over its predecessor, and this year’s model is expected to make the device even more attractive to potential buyers.

A MacWorld report has stated that notable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects the 12-inch MacBook 2017 to be given a boost in memory, from the present 8GB to a more robust 16GB of RAM. This particular update would no doubt be a welcome change for Apple fans who are holding out on the device, especially since the current iteration of the 12-inch MacBook is exclusive to only 8GB of memory.

While the current iteration of the 12-inch MacBook is quite underpowered compared to its siblings such as the MacBook Pro 2016 and the aging MacBook Air, users of the ultraportable have noted that the device actually performs better than expected. Despite being powered by a rather anemic Core M-series processor, both users and critics have noted that the 12-inch MacBook could tackle everyday computing tasks with ease.

The 12-inch MacBook for 2017 is expected to be equipped with robust specs.
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With 16GB of RAM, however, the 12-inch MacBook 2017 would most certainly increase its productivity capabilities. If any, 16GB of RAM would be the perfect partner to the rumored 7th-generation Intel Kaby Lake Core-M processor that is expected for the upcoming machine. While Apple has not confirmed any of these rumors to date, the idea of a 16GB RAM and Intel Kaby Lake 12-inch MacBook for 2017 has been embraced widely by fans of the device.

Apart from a RAM boost, speculations are also high that Apple would be introducing a larger screen size for the upcoming ultraportable. Though no official statement has been released by the Cupertino-based tech giant, expectations are high that the MacBook Air, Apple’s entry-level line of laptops, is set to be retired this year. With this in mind, it would be prudent for Apple to ensure that another device would take the place of the outgoing MacBook Air line. This, of course, is where a larger 2017 MacBook would come in.

Rumors are high that the 2017 MacBook would be released with two versions, a 12-inch model much like the current version of the device and a larger 14-inch model that would take the place of the 13.3-inch MacBook Air. Speculations of a larger MacBook have been around in the rumor mill for a while now, and in most respects, an ultraportable with a larger screen does make perfect sense.

While the idea of a 14-inch MacBook 2017 might be a bit too improbable to some, it should be noted that Apple once manufactured MacBooks in both 12-inch and 14-inch variations. Before the advent of the MacBook Air, Apple’s entry-level segment was addressed by the plastic, durable and iconic black and white MacBooks, which were offered in both 12-inch and 14-inch sizes. With this in mind, there is a pretty good chance that the 14-inch MacBook would see a return this 2017.

The 2017 iteration of the 12-inch MacBook is expected to be more powerful than its predecessor.

Apart from an increase in RAM and a 14-inch variant, rumors are also high that the MacBook 2017 might see the debut of a new color. The 2016 12-inch MacBook, while physically identical to the 2015 model, became distinct due to the addition of a Rose Gold color option, which Apple recently debuted at the time. Since Apple appears to be following the color schemes of its iPhones and iPads with regards to the color offerings of the 12-inch MacBook, there is a pretty good chance that 2016’s flagship color option would debut in the 2017 MacBook as well.

Last year, Apple debuted a new color to its mobile device lineup. Dubbed Jet Black, the glossy black finish proved to be a pivotal selling point for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Thus, there is a fair chance that the 12-inch MacBook would see the debut of a Jet Black color option for 2017. If Apple does manage to pull this off, there is little doubt that its ultraportable laptop series would see a spike in interest and popularity in the market.

The release date for the 12-inch MacBook 2017 has not been leaked or teased as of date, but rumors are high that the lightweight computing device would begin production sometime in Q2 2017, according to a MacRumors report. With this timeline in mind, there is a pretty good chance that the upcoming machine would see a Spring or early Summer release date.

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