Pregnant Cat Gaia May Give Birth Before Giraffe April, Watch Live Cams [Video]

There’s no question that April the giraffe is getting a lot of attention, but latest updates suggest April may not have her calf until April. With several weeks or more to go, there are plenty of other pregnant animals that are streaming live online. For instance, the pregnant foster cat Gaia will most likely give birth to a litter of kittens before April has her highly anticipated baby.

If you like cats and kittens, there are plenty of live cams that you can watch instead of or in between your giraffe fixation. Check out the video playlist below to watch Gaia and many other cats and kittens that are either pets, rescues, or fosters from around the world.

Watch Gaia the Pregnant Cat and Kittens Live Streaming Cams (Videos)



April the Giraffe Latest News Updates

Now that April the giraffe’s due date has been moved ahead and it’s possible she has another month left in her pregnancy, more people are beginning to stream other animals — and the videos are going viral. There’s no telling when April will go into labor, but it is clear that the timeline was wrong. It’s impossible to put an exact date on births, and the only way birth is guaranteed is if it’s done by Cesarean section. April’s pregnancy is progressing normally, but it is longer than what many had anticipated. You may watch the live giraffe cam below.


If you’re taking a little break from the giraffe cam while waiting for things to pick up, there are plenty of adorable live kitten cams that you can watch. The first video in the playlist is of Gaia the pregnant cat. Gaia is a 4-year-old cat who is spending her pregnancy at the Purrfect Pals no-kill shelter, where she will deliver her babies. She lives with her foster father John, who provides regular updates on her condition through YouTube, the official Purrfect Pals website, and on Facebook at the Critter Room.

Gaia’s kittens will be spayed and/or neutered at approximately 8-weeks-old, and once they get a clean bill of health and are at least two pounds, they will be put up for adoption. After Gaia’s kittens find forever homes, she will return to her owner. You can see photos of Gaia as her pregnancy progresses below. Gaia is due now and is officially on kitten watch.

The Critter Room shared a wonderful video featuring Gaia’s pregnant belly, and you can easily see the kittens moving from within her womb. Gaia’s foster dad John shared a post on Facebook discussing the kittens. As an expert, he clearly identified five kittens in Gaia’s womb, with two more being possible. Will Gaia have seven kittens?

Below is a quote from the post along with the video of Gaia’s kittens within her belly.

“Gaia is still carrying her babies but there is a lot of movement going on! Her belly is rolling quite well now. I can see a clear sign of 3 kittens on one side with a hint of a 4th & 2 on the other with a hint of a 3rd.”


At this point, it is unknown why Gaia is under foster care for her pregnancy and not at home with here family. Like April the giraffe, Gaia the pregnant cat is going viral. Many people are enjoying watching Gaia and hope that she will give birth in a position that is live streaming so everyone can take part in the birth. There are many videos that are surfacing which provide updates and even story time with Foster Dad John (FDJ). You can learn more about Gaia and the other animals that reside at Purrfect Pals through their official links.

Here is an update on Gaia from March 12, 2017.


If you watch the Gaia cat cam, you’ll notice that she is frequently resting on a scale and being weighed. Gaia is in great health, and it is easy to see she is getting the best care. Here is a video from Gaia’s bedtime and rest for the night on March 12, 2017. It appears that Gaia could give birth at any moment. Do you think Gaia will have her kittens before April the giraffe gives birth to her calf? Check out the live cat cams above.

[Featured Image by Mariya Zimarina/Shutterstock]