Mama June Says She’s Not Marrying Again, Reveals What She Wants In Her Ideal Man

Mama June Says She's Not Marrying Again, Reveals What She Wants In Her Ideal Man

If you ask Mama June Shannon, marriage is no longer something she’s looking forward to. However, with two years removed from her breakup from Sugar Bear, the Mama June: From Not to Hot star is at least willing to talk about dating and has a good idea of what she wants from her ideal man.

In an interview with Us Magazine held on Friday and published earlier today, the 37-year-old momager of fellow reality star Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson said that she doesn’t have any plans of getting married again. In September 2014, Mama June split from partner Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson, and while they were never officially married, they were united in a commitment ceremony a year and a half prior, in May 2013.

“(Marriage) and June does [sic] not go in the same sentence,” said Shannon, hammering down the point that she doesn’t see herself as the marrying kind.

It’s been well-documented that the breakup of the Mama June/Sugar Bear marriage was what had partly motivated Shannon to start losing weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Earlier this month, ET Online wrote about the then-latest episode of From Not to Hot, where Mama June was picking a “revenge dress” to wear for Sugar Bear’s wedding to Jennifer Lamb. On that episode, she also notably lamented the state of her love life.

“Right now I can’t even imagine myself in that dress (my niece) Amber bought, and that dress is ti-ny. Plus, I don’t even have a date to the wedding, so what’s the point?”

Given her current lack of a partner, Mama June Shannon explained to Us Magazine what she’s currently looking for — someone who values family as much as she does and someone who could be a serious partner aside from being her “best friend.”

“The type of guy I’m attracted to would be someone who is very loving, very caring, very devoted, is willing to give 100 percent like I am. Someone who knows that my kids are a number-one priority and knows that no matter what they are going to be here. And also someone who can be my best friend, but also we can have that seriousness to our relationship.”

At the moment, though, Shannon doesn’t appear in a hurry to go on a date with anyone just yet, having added that she’s focusing on improving herself following her weight loss surgery and the premiere of Mama June: From Not to Hot.

It’s impressive when anyone goes from over 450 pounds to a shade under 200, but as Mama June told Us Magazine, she doesn’t feel too different right now than she did when she was still tipping the scales at nearly a quarter of a ton. She said that she’s just as happy with herself at the present as she was before her dramatic weight loss, having always had a mental picture of herself as someone who weighs much less.

“I’ve always seen myself as being a skinny person or smaller, and now everybody is seeing me as what I’ve always seen myself as. Because I’m not … even though I’ve lost weight, I’m not Miss Skinny Minnie, I can promise you that.”

Now that she’s a size 4, the star of a new WE tv reality show, and years removed from her breakup with Sugar Bear, Mama June does seem to be having it made. But in the off-chance that Mama June, marriage plans or no marriage plans, isn’t able to find a new beau, she’s not, in any way, shape, or form, getting back together with Sugar Bear, having made that point clear to Us Magazine.

“Hell, no! Never in a million years do I ever want that son of a b***h back. No, ma’am.”

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