‘Bold & Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie Pleads With Brooke, The Wedding Chaos Begins

'Bold and Beautiful' stars Heather Tom and Katherine Kelly Lang play Katie and Brooke

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that the week of March 13 will be a wild one, and fans will not want to miss the chaos ahead. Katie saw an intimate moment play out between Ridge and Quinn, and she will be trying to get Brooke to consider what’s happening. Liam and Steffy are ready to head to Australia to tie the knot, and Eric is completely oblivious to what is happening between his wife and his son. What can everybody expect from the next few episodes?

Quinn saw Katie lingering outside the door as she shared a charged moment with Ridge, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that the two women will have an intense confrontation over this. Quinn has already been quite paranoid and defensive about Katie’s friendship with Eric, and she will accuse her neighbor of making this scenario up to use as a way to get closer to Eric. Katie may not be quite sure what is going on with Ridge and Quinn, but she can tell that things have crossed a line.

Katie has also brought this up with her sister, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that this difficult sisterly conversation continues during Monday’s episode. Brooke is finally just days away from getting married, and she will be stunned by her sister’s claims. Brooke doesn’t want to believe that there could possibly be anything to these suspicions, but it sounds as if her sister will be insistent that something inappropriate has been developing.

Thorsten Kaye plays Ridge on 'Bold and Beautiful'

According to SheKnows Soaps, Katie will be stunned by how Brooke reacts to what she shares and Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that Brooke may accuse her sister of fabricating all of this as a way to get back at her for all that went down with Bill. Of course, viewers know that Katie is right to be concerned, but will she be heard? Could she end up going to Eric with her suspicions?

As Soap Central’s Bold and Beautiful spoilers note, for now, Eric will remain blissfully unaware of what is happening behind his back and will continue to be thrilled that everybody in the family is getting along better these days. Many will start hopping flights to Australia, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that Ridge and Quinn will share yet another close moment that Katie witnesses. She’ll be certain that the two are crossing lines, but everybody will have to tune in to see how far she pushes this.

Steffy will tell Liam that she has a surprise for him, and soon they will be handling the final planning details in Australia. As SheKnows Soaps spoilers share, footage has emerged showing the cast filming in Australia, and Ridge will walk Steffy down the aisle. Will Steffy and Liam succeed in getting hitched, or will some drama involving some of their wedding guests cause issues before the ceremony is finished? It seems that the big event will coincide with the Bold and Beautiful 30th anniversary coming up on March 23, and it sounds as if things will be explosive.

Pierson Fode plays Thomas Forrester on 'Bold and Beautiful'

Thomas and Sally are growing closer to one another, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that he will convince her to join him in Australia. She will fly separately from him and have to deal with an annoying couple on the plane, and Thomas will soon be considering a new opportunity that could get him a great deal of satisfaction. Many viewers suspect that he will soon end up bailing on Forrester Creations and helping Sally with her Spectra revival, but that’s not going to happen quite yet from the sounds of things.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that the week of March 13 will have plenty of juicy moments, but it will also be a short week as basketball will be airing in its place on Thursday and Friday. How far will Katie go to convince Brooke that Ridge and Quinn are crossing a line, and when will Eric catch on to all of this? Fans are anxious to see where all of this heads, and additional Bold and Beautiful spoilers teasing what comes next will emerge as the week continues.

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