Mandy Moore Admits She’s Mad At Her ‘Selfish’ TV Husband On ‘This Is Us’

Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia of This Is Us

Mandy Moore says she totally gets why fans are upset over some of the recent storylines on This Is Us. Moore, who stars as Rebecca Pearson on the hit NBC drama, told ABC News that while she feels “lucky” to be able to play the matriarch from age 23 to 66 in the flashback-filled drama, she also looks at the show from a viewer’s standpoint and was especially upset when she read the script for the episode, “Memphis,” which ended with the death of Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) biological father, William (Ron Cephas Jones).

“I was so upset, and I just remember thinking, ‘I don’t know if the country’s ready for this,'” Mandy told ABC. “We’re so fragile at this point in time anyway. Like, we’re all just barely hanging on by a thread. I don’t know if people are going to handle it.”

But Mandy Moore is also upset with her TV husband, played by Milo Ventimiglia. The most recent episodes of the show revealed that Ventimiglia’s character, Jack Pearson, started drinking again after years of sobriety. Promos for the This Is Us season finale show reveal that Jack is chugging beers as he makes the two-hour drive to see his wife’s show with her jazz band in Cleveland.

“I’m frustrated with Jack,” Mandy admitted. “Why couldn’t he just do it for her?! Goodness! Just take care of the kids. He fell apart, started drinking again. It’s like, come on!”

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Moore said she was a little surprised by some of the viewers’ comments on social media in which they slam her character for leaving her husband and family to go on a two-week tour with her band.

“There’s so many women who are like, you know, ‘Rebecca has it all. How could she possibly, like, leave her husband and family? Isn’t that like her responsibility — is to them and them alone?'” Mandy said of recent Facebook comments about her character. “And I’m like, we’re in 2017, guys. Women can try and do it all.”

This isn’t the first time Moore has expressed frustration over the actions of her TV husband — and the reaction from viewers. While This Is Us fans have long blasted Rebecca for being “selfish” for trying to fulfill her career dreams now that her kids are teens, Moore thinks Jack is the selfish one.

“It’s disappointing to start to see the fractures in their relationship at this point in their marriage. Things are frayed, and they’re in desperate need of reconnecting,” Mandy told TV Line.

“But to that, I say women should be able to have it all. Just because she’s a mother — and I understand that’s her first responsibility — I take issue with other women that are like, ‘That’s selfish of her,’ I think it’s selfish of Jack to want to keep her under lock and key. It feels like there’s a sense of control there.”

Mandy Moore also pointed out that her TV kids, Kate, Kevin and Randall (played as teens by Hannah Zeile, Logan Shroyer, and Niles Fitch) are old enough to deal while her character hits the road for a short, two-week tour.

“The kids are grown up,” Moore said. “Everyone should be able to handle themselves for a few weeks while she fulfills this dream.”

This Is Us fans know that Jack has expressed little support for Rebecca’s revived music career (he blew her off mid-sentence as she tried to tell him about her initial rehearsal session with the band), and he is more focused on the fact that one of her bandmates, Ben (Sam Trammel), is an ex-boyfriend.

Incidentally, while she’s a tad mad at Ventimiglia’s character, Mandy Moore has nothing but good things to say about her This Is Us co-star. Moore told ABC News that, just like Jack Pearson, Milo is the nicest guy on the planet and even shakes the hands of everyone on This Is Us set each morning.

“He’s the guy, I kid you not, who, like, walks around every morning and shakes every crew member’s hand and says hello to everyone,” Mandy said. “I thought that I was a nice person, until I met Milo. And now I’m, like, actually scum of the earth because I don’t go around and shake everybody’s hand.”

Take a look at the video below to see Mandy Moore on the season finale of This Is Us.

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