‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Are Jason And Curtis The New GH Super Couple?

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There is a new bromance in town, and General Hospital fans are loving every moment of it. Jason Morgan and Curtis Ashford are in a pickle right now on the ABC soap, but they have each other’s backs just like any great friendship goes. It looks like Sonny Corinthos may have just not to let, but that doesn’t mean that their friendship is done. What this really means is that Mr. Morgan has found a new guy to hang out with.

Curtis is a newer face in town, but he has taken Port Charles by storm with his humor, his perceptive detective skills, and of course, his rugged good looks. Many fans have loved him, and even more so now that he has teamed up with Jason. On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, the two men were trapped inside an elevator with a bomb. Spoilers from Soaps She Knows indicates that Dante Falconeri will be the one who will defuse the bomb that threatens the lives of Curtis and Jason.

Robin Scorpio was originally the one who was stuck in the hospital elevator with the explosive device thanks to Olivia Jerome who is running around Port Charles terrorizing everyone she thinks has wronged her in the past. Jason found Robin and took her place on the pressure plate. Once Curtis saw him standing there and realized what a sacrifice he had made, he chose to not let him go it alone and rode with him to the top of the roof. That is definitely a true best buddy thing to do.

Jason Morgan had spent many years on General Hospital protecting Sonny Corinthos’ life, and the two mobsters would do anything for each other. Now that this is a new version of Jason, things are quite different. He is not working as a hitman for Sonny any longer, and their friendship is just not the same. However, this new Jason gets along famously with Curtis. They are quite humorous at times and viewers are enjoying seeing them work together.

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Jason may have risked his life to save Robin, but Curtis has also risked his to help Jason try to get out of this situation alive. He was not going to let his new BFF go through it alone, and that has many fans cheering about this blooming bromance they have. In fact, they may just be the new super couple on General Hospital.

Despite the fact that Jason and Curtis are in grave danger, it sounds like they do indeed make it out alive. Jason has a lot to live for as his wife, Sam, just had their second child. Little Emily Scout was born last week, and he has his family to go back to. Curtis doesn’t have anyone specific in his life right now, but he and Jordan Ashford certainly have some chemistry going.

Maybe this whole life-threatening situation will open his eyes to try to make it work with Jordan. He obviously has feelings for her, but she seems to think she belongs with Andre. General Hospital spoilers coming from TV Source Magazine hints that Curtis will have words with Andre and will question his motives. What is that all about?

So, now that Jason and Curtis have developed this kindred spirit kind of relationship, the writers may just keep this going by teaming them up for future adventures. Viewers have compared them to the pairing of Robert Scorpio and Luke Spencer back when they were working together in the 1980’s and making sure the other one stayed alive and well. They had the same wit and humor that Jason and Curtis have between them.

Are you enjoying the pairing of Jason Morgan and Curtis Ashford on General Hospital?

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