Is Princess Diana’s Secret Lover, James Hewitt, Prince Harry’s Real Father?

Is Princess Diana’s secret lover, James Hewitt, Prince Harry’s father?

Princess Diana’s secret lover, James Hewitt, broke his silence on Sunday night about Prince Harry’s real father during a candid interview with Australian Channel Seven. This meeting appears to be held in honor of the 20th anniversary of the princess’s death in Paris. Princess Diana’s secret lover, James Hewitt, says he feels sorry for Prince Harry after years of dealing with the issue regarding his paternity.

Who’s the real father? Is it Princess Diana’s secret lover?

Princess Diana’s secret lover, James Hewitt, spoke in a straightforward manner during his television interview with Australian’s C7 last Sunday night. He finally revealed the true answer after he was rhetorically asked by host Melissa Doyle regarding Prince Harry’s paternity issue.

Prince Harry smiles while wearing a parka at a public appearance.

“No, I’m not,” James replied frankly. These vicious rumors came after critics realized the striking resemblance of Prince Harry with James Hewitt. Both men are red-haired, blue-eyed, and have a pale complexion. They really do look alike when you pose them alongside together in a picture. However, the two men aren’t the only ones who have these features as Princess Diana’s brother was also a fellow red-haired and blue-eyed individual. Hence, we can conclude that Prince Harry very much came from his mother’s side, the Spencer line.

Continuing with the interview, Ms. Doyle then asked him why the issue persisted over the years. The 58-year-old polo rider then responded, “It sells papers. It’s worse for [Harry], probably, poor chap.”

It’s the perfect time to settle the longstanding rumors especially as this year marks the people’s princess 20th death anniversary.

This morning Prince Harry visited the digital mental health service Big White Wall at their London office. His Royal Highness heard how the organisation's online community supports serving or ex-service personnel and their families dealing with issues related to their mental health. Big White Wall is part of the CONTACT coalition, the military charity partner of Their Royal Highnesses' @heads_together campaign. ????PA

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How did their love blossom?

It’s completely absurd if you considered James Hewitt as Prince Harry’s father because first and foremost, the late Princess Diana and her secret lover met when Harry was already 2-years-old. Therefore, it couldn’t have been possible that he is the biological father.

Their romance blossomed when Princess Diana asked James Hewitt to be her horse riding instructor in 1986. Around that same time, Prince Charles had also been rumored to have started an affair with his former flame and now his second wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Recalling his romance with the late princess, he said, “She had an aura of something special around her.” Mr. Hewitt added that he even wanted to “whisk her away” from the spotlight and that the blonde princess was so easy to fall in love with.

The couple kept a low-key relationship from the media and told Ms. Doyle of happier times with his whirlwind romance Princess Diana. He admitted, “Well, I’d cook and she’d wash up. Just dinner and relaxing and laughing. It’s a gradual period and then, you know, suddenly you can’t get enough of each other or see each other as much as you want.”

James Hewitt attends Attitude Magazine's 10th Birthday Party.

One of the quality times the pair spent was enjoying long walks along the beach or a mall. What a sweet couple!

Nonetheless, Princess Diana’s secret lover, James Hewitt, who currently lives as a lonely recluse in Dorset ended his relationship with her after he had to served as a tank commander in the first Gulf War in 1991, resulting in their relationship being exposed by the press. Asked if he has regrets with his affair with the princess, he replied, “No, I don’t regret that. I regret some of the things that have been caused by that but not that at all. No way.”

After 15 years of marriage, Diana and Charles divorced in 1996. The late Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dod Fayed died in 1997 when their car crashed in a road tunnel in Paris. Henri Paul, the driver, was later found to have been drunk while driving at that time.

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