Big WWE News: Stand By For A Sami Zayn Heel Turn On ‘Monday Night Raw’

Over recent months WWE superstar Sami Zayn’s feud with Braun Strowman has been one of the highlights on the Monday Night Raw half of the WWE brand split. For weeks, we saw Zayn play the fall guy for Strowman’s hilarious antics. As previously reported in the Inquisitr, we saw Strowman chase Zayn around the auditorium, before finally catching up with him in the ring. When Zayn and Strowman finally faced each other, the end result was Zayn being carried away on a stretcher, and even then, Sami was attacked as he was carried away.

Of course, Zayn was a huge part of the WWE’s plan to elevate the Abominable Strowman’s profile on Monday Night Raw. Zayn played his part brilliantly. It seemed that the WWE thought it was time to elevate Zayn, who has featured high on the roster during recent editions of Monday Night Raw.

Sami Zayn Monday Night Raw
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In many ways, Zayn has been painted as the ultimate outsider, a perpetual underdog, a gallant loser. Sami had been the “face” of the NXT before moving to the main WWE roster on the Raw brand. Until recently, Zayn has been a mid-card attraction on Monday Night Raw, but that changed when Seth Rollins injured his knee when he was attacked by Samoa Joe. SportsKeeda claims that the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter says that Zayn’s push was forced on the WWE network by a combination of Rollins’ injury and Chris Jericho’s recent face turn.

Recent WWE rumors suggest that Seth Rollins may have recovered sufficiently to face his former mentor, Triple H, at WrestleMania 33. Finn Balor is also reported to be close to a return to action. Of course, if your name is not “Roman Reigns,” then any push as a baby face on Raw is likely to be temporary, and this is arguably what has held Zayn back as a main roster wrestler.

With Reigns, Balor and Rollins in action, the WWE does not need to push Zayn as a face, and the implication is that he will return to being the “Underdog from the Underground.” There is, of course, another option. How about a Sami Zayn heel turn?

Should WWE Raw Set Up A Sami Zayn Heel Turn?

Let’s be frank, in recent months Monday Night Raw has been less than enthralling. Bouts between Bayley and Charlotte Flair have been a weekly occurrence and one of the few highlights. For many wrestling fans, the manipulation of Goldberg to the Universal Championship title was an insult to those wrestlers who put on a show every week.

Just last week, Zayn allowed his frustration to show when he was interviewed by UK tabloid, the Sun. Part of Zayn’s frustration comes from Goldberg taking Kevin Owens Universal title in a little over 20 seconds. We all knew that Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will meet at WrestleMania 33. That WrestleMania 33 match was always going to be a huge draw, so did the WWE network need to turn it into a title bout?

Sami Zayn Monday Night Raw
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Owens was a worthy title winner, and the opportunity to defend his title at WrestleMania would have been a worthy reward for a wrestler who gives his all on a weekly basis. Many in the WWE universe believe that Braun Strowman has earned a title shot, and Strowman vs. Owens would have been an excellent match. If WWE wanted to push Zayn as a face, then a title match against Owens at WrestleMania would have been a great time to do so. Instead, Zayn may not have a match at WrestleMania at all.

Sami Zayn finds himself in a strange position. He is a face on the Raw side of the brand split, a side that does not need another face. Granted, Zayn’s profile as a face could continue to rise if the long rumored Roman Reigns heel turn happens. If Reigns cheats his way to a victory over The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, it would mark one of the greatest heel turns in WWE history.

Vince McMahon seems determined that Reigns will continue to be a WWE face, and if that is to continue, a Sami Zayn heel turn would make sense. Zayn is recognized as one of the WWE’s most skilled wrestlers, and as such, he deserves more recognition and a higher billing. A Zayn heel turn would allow him to shed his “plucky loser” label, give him a higher profile, and allow the WWE network to liven up Monday Night Raw.

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