Glen Beck Issues Special Message To Israel Saying ‘It’s The Jew Hatred’ [Video]

Glenn Beck has issued a special message to Israel in support of Operation Pillar of Defense, launched to destroy the Hamas terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. Beck is an ardent supporter of Israel and has lead several special delegations to the Jewish State to voice his support and that of the millions of Christian Evangelicals who agree with him. The video is currently being hosted on YouTube and is also being shared on Israel National News.

Beck said in his video message (see full video below):

“Every country has a right to defend itself against terror but they keep telling Israel… don’t overreact!… don’t fire back!… be careful!… don’t ramp things up! Let me get this straight… If Mexico fired a missile into El Paso, you know what we would do? If Japan fired a missile into Beijing, you know what China would do? So why does Israel have to hold back?”

Israel has been engaged in a multi-year conflict with the Hamas terror organization. Hamas is responsible for dozens of suicide bombings on Israeli civilians over the years and has killed hundreds of Israeli civilians. They have also fired more than 12,000 rockets from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel since 2002. Operation Pillar of Defense is the second major operation Israel has launched since they withdrew all soldiers and civilians from the Gaza Strip in 2005, in an act known as the Disengagement.

Hamas took over the gaza Strip from the Palestinian Authority in a bloody coup in 2007. Since then they have significantly increased rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. Israel has responded with targeted airstrikes and assassinations of Hamas leaders.

The United States, Egypt and several other countries are currently trying to negotiate a cease fire between Hamas and Israel. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is due to land in the region today for talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

Here is the full video of Glenn Beck’s special message to Israel