Kailyn Lowry Baby Daddy Chris Lopez Reacts To MTV Star’s Instagram Slip-Up

Kailyn Lowry Rumored Baby Daddy Identity

Rumors about the Kailyn Lowry baby daddy saga gets more fuel as the Teen Mom 2 shares the name she chose for her third child and letting a man’s name slip on Instagram.

For the past weeks, Kailyn’s third pregnancy has become a trending topic online after the celebrity confirmed that she is ready to welcome another addition to her growing family. Because of her complicated relationship status at the time, speculations on who is the father of her yet-to-be-born love child would be emerged.

Now, the MTV celebrity may have let the identity of the infamous Kailyn Lowry baby daddy slip while revealing the name she chose for her child.

According to Radar Online, the Teen Mom 2 star reacted to a suggestion from her Instagram followers that she name her child “Holden,” and in that moment, a man’s name slipped from the 24-year-old celebrity’s pretty little lips.

“Chris would say, ‘I’m Holden the baby!'”

Other fans of the MTV star were quick at catching that little slip-up with one saying, “So the dad is Chris.”

For those who do not know, previous reports cited speculations about Chris Lopez being the mysterious Kailyn Lowry Baby Daddy No. 3.

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Ever since Kailyn refused to reveal who the father of her third child is, a significant number of possible candidates surfaced, including her estranged husband Javi Marroquin, with whom she shares 3-year-old son Lincoln, as well as Jo Rivera, who is the father of her eldest, 7-year-old Isaac.

Others included Tyler Hill who became Kailyn’s love interest for a short while and Teen Mom 2 producer J.C. Cueva which could have been messy for both parties according to the Hollywood Gossip since producers are not allowed to get in an intimate relationship with the subject of their shows.

To add fuel to the fire, publicist Casi Densmore-Koon told Radar that the mysterious Kailyn Lowry baby daddy is someone the celebrity “briefly dated.” Unfortunately, even she does not know the name of Kailyn’s mystery man. She further explained that Lowry will be the one to make the big revelation.

“Kail will release that information when she’s ready.”

Lo and behold! The MTV celebrity finally revealed who her baby’s daddy is—or did she?

It seems that the name slip up was not elaborate and may be something that just got blown out of proportion because of information hungry fans but it is the best thing we got out of this entire controversy as of the writing of this article.

But while the Kailyn Lowry baby daddy name slip up may have ended other speculations, it led to more speculations about who “Chris” really is and if he really is the one who got Kailyn pregnant.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, clues about this matter are posted over Chris Lopez’s official Twitter account including a controversial tweet to which Kailyn Lowry reacted, “To my miracle child, I’m so sorry.”

Apparently, the Teen Mom 2 star liked the post which was later followed up with a mysterious conversation between the two. In March, Lopez also posted a couple of tweets related to the controversy he is being dragged in.

He also posted something quite interesting just a few days after Kailyn did the live Instagram video.

After reading that, some might think that Chris reacted to the Teen Mom 2 star’s slip-up though there isn’t much of a confirmation on the post either. There is also the possibility that Lopez is talking about something else entirely. Either way, it is best to take all these with a grain of salt.

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