'The Bachelor' 2017 Finale Spoilers: Nick Viall May Leave His Pick For Runner-Up

Nathan Francis

The Bachelor 2017 finale spoilers point to a complicated and potentially controversial ending for Nick Viall, with reports that he is overcome with guilt and believes he picked the wrong woman.

Making his third appearance on the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise in hope of finding love, Viall has whittled the field down to two finalists -- Vanessa Grimaldi and Raven Gates. Viewers on Monday will see Nick make his final choice, one that had reportedly been agonizing for him.

[WARNING: There are some potential Bachelor 2017 spoilers ahead.]

Since even before the show aired, there had been reports that Nick Viall would ultimately pick Vanessa Grimaldi in the end, and there appears to be no reason to doubt that going into the show's finale. Nick was seen building a strong connection with Vanessa, meeting her family and spending very intimate time with her in the Fantasy Suite.

But what happens beyond the Final Rose ceremony seems to be up in the air, and there are some Bachelor 2017 finale spoilers claiming that Nick Viall will end up regretting his final pick.

There have been reports circulating in the final week before The Bachelor 2017 finale that Nick Viall wishes he had picked Raven.

"It's only been four months since he proposed to the winner of this season of The Bachelor, but show sources are revealing that there's already a major Nick Viall breakup bombshell brewing," OK! magazine reported.

Another report cited a source who claimed that Nick made the wrong decision on The Bachelor 2017 finale and realized he was really in love with the other woman.

"Nick knows he made a huge mistake proposing to the winner and is panicking. The runner-up is the woman he truly loves," an insider reportedly told In Touch.

There may have already been some hints of this tension with Vanessa on her hometown date. Nick had some awkward moments with Vanessa's family that called into question the long-term viability of their relationship. For one, Nick and Vanessa were taken aback by a question of where they would live after getting engaged, making it clear that the topic hadn't come up yet.

Vanessa's dad passed along this information to Vanessa, People magazine noted.

"Ultimately, Vanessa's dad did end up giving Nick his blessing — though he was clearly less than enthused about having to do so. Then Vanessa's dad and Vanessa sat down, and Vanessa found out that not only had Nick asked her dad for his blessing, but that he had also asked the other women's parents the same thing — and that crushed her."

"He was having a total breakdown and didn't want to go through with making the final decision" the insider said, noting that during the finale, "Nick gets down on one knee and asks one woman to marry him" but later regretted the decision.

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