Michael Jackson’s Daughter, Paris Jackson, The New Kim Kardashian?

Paris Jackson might become the new Kim Kardashian.

Headlines combining the names Paris Jackson and Kim Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, have been a bit misleading in mid-March — but it does not mean that Michael Jackson’s daughter is avoiding a full Hollywood career.

The recent Hollywood gossip includes that Paris Jackson might be joining forces with Kris Jenner to become the next Kim Kardashian. Regardless, Gossip Cop cleared up the rumors and said Kris Jenner was not planning on turning Paris Jackson into a reality show star or planning on having Michael Jackson’s daughter on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Despite this, Michael Jackson’s daughter may not need to get help from the Kim Kardashian family because Paris Hilton can hold her own.

In early March, it was announced that Paris Jackson signed a “talent contract” with IMG modeling’s WME branch, according to Just Jared, and this includes “all areas.” In other words, it is still to be determined if Paris Jackson will just focus on modeling or if she will pursue other areas of entertainment such as acting.

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson and Kim Kardashian reality tv.

Following an acting cameo appearance on the FOX television show Star, Naomi Campbell says Paris Jackson has talent, according to People. About seeing more of Paris Jackson in entertainment, Naomi Campbell said that she was a royal because of her father, Michael Jackson and stated the following.

“Why shouldn’t she be up there? This is her time… I think she’s going to show us that she’s a brilliant actress. She’s got her own talents and she’s gonna show that to everybody.”

Naturally, if Paris Jackson went ahead with an idea for a reality television series, it would be of extreme interest to many Michael Jackson fans that are curious about his kids. While Michael Jackson’s eldest son, Prince, has not been as active in the celebrity life as his sister Paris Jackson, he has appeared with his cousins on Lifetime’s The Jacksons: Next Generation.

Michael Jackson fans will also enjoy a show about Paris Jackson because it might shine some light on her brother, Blanket. For example, Billboard reports that Paris Jackson wished her little brother a happy birthday around February 22 — much to the delight of Michael Jackson fans.

Unlike a lot of old money celebrities with reality TV shows that seem to be in an alternate universe, Paris Jackson has plenty to say that non-celebrities can relate to. For instance, when Paris Jackson was signed to a modeling agency, ABC quoted her stating the following.

“I’ve had self-esteem issues for a really, really long time. Plenty of people think I’m ugly, and plenty of people don’t. But there’s a moment when I’m modeling where I forget about my self-esteem issues and focus on what the photographer’s telling me – and I feel pretty. And in that sense, it’s selfish.”

Another reason why America might like a reality TV show starring Paris Jackson is because, like her father Michael Jackson, Paris also likes to have a lot of fun by teasing people.

Paris Jackson modeling, acting career has begun.

For instance, Daily Mail reported on February 19 that Paris Jackson deleted a series of tweets about an interaction at a gas station in Los Angeles.

In the interaction, the woman scolded Paris Jackson for having an estimated 50 tattoos, and Paris also annoyed the homophobic woman by talking about an “imaginary wife.”

Plus, as a young woman, Paris is still exploring her dating options — and reality television audiences enjoy watching celebrities fall in love. For example, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Paris Jackson recently broke up with her boyfriend in February and is now seen out at clubs partying with BFF, Sofia Richie.

In addition to Sofia Richie, Paris Jackson also has many friends that she has gotten to know from her celebrity father including Bella and Gigi Hadid.

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