WWE Rumors: Kevin Owens To Feud With Brock Lesnar After ‘Wrestlemania 33’?

Kevin Owens WWE Rumors

WWE fans were not too happy when Bill Goldberg ran right through rising star Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship at Fastlane. A lot of fans felt that giving the top prize of the company to a part-timer is just further proof of the WWE’s inability to hear them out. While this is all debatable, at least Kevin Owens will take solace from the fact that he will most likely come away with a consolation prize at Wrestlemania 33.

According to Sportskeeda, Kevin Owens is rumored to snag away the belt from Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 33. That seems to be the most likely scenario on account of a few things. First is Chris Jericho’s well-known willingness to put over younger stars. The other reason is that Chris Jericho is already heavily rumored to be leaving the WWE after Wrestlemania 33 to tour with his band.

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This means that the WWE is most likely going to give away the United States Championship of Chris Jericho to Kevin Owens after Wrestlemania 33. While it is an obvious demotion for Kevin Owens, becoming the United States Champions may offer the young Owens more interesting opportunities after Wrestlemania 33.

According to SportsWiki, Brock Lesnar is being slated to win the WWE Universal Championship from Bill Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33. This seems to be a forgone conclusion as Bill Goldberg is obviously in no state anymore to keep the WWE championship. Goldberg’s contract is probably over after Wrestlemania 33. Brock Lesnar is also due a win in this comically one-sided rivalry with Bill Goldberg. The guy has already lost twice to Bill Goldberg (one of which was a quick beat down) and was eliminated by Goldberg at the Royal Rumble. A huge win at Wrestlemania 33 against Bill Goldberg for the WWE Universal Championship should erase all of the WWE’s past sins against Brock Lesnar.

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However, Brock Lesnar’s current rivalry with Bill Goldberg has one positive impact for the WWE universe. His aura of invincibility is finally shattered after all those humiliating losses to Bill Goldberg. Gone are the days when the WWE is marketing Brock Lesnar as this unbeatable athlete that dominated the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton. This is where Kevin Owens and the WWE will capitalize after Wrestlemania 33. The WWE has been criticized for not turning Kevin Owens into a more formidable champion, and Brock Lesnar might just be their way of making this right.

Kevin Owens getting into a feud with a more vulnerable version of Brock Lesnar seems like the only sensible way to go after Wrestlemania 33. The WWE could turn Owens into a sort of anti-hero after Wrestlemania 33 and will have no problem from fans getting behind that angle. Kevin Owens will then legitimize his claim as the new face of the WWE by beating a legit champion like Brock Lesnar. The fans would love it and would be better for the WWE’s future instead of fans once again going through their tired route of giving away belts to part-time superstars.

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The path to Wrestlemania 33 seems like a major setback to a fan favorite like Kevin Owens. However, if the whole Lesnar vs. Owens feud pans out after Wrestlemania 33, then it could be an even better journey for the young superstar. His feud with Roman Reigns was not well received and his reign as WWE Universal Championship was middling at best. Now that he will most likely get into a more entertaining feud with Chris Jericho and end up with the U.S. Title, a feud and a win against Brock Lesnar after Wrestlemania 33 is going to cap off a great 2017. Wrestlemania 33 is on April 2 and fans better watch out for more developments regarding this angle.

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