‘The Walking Dead’ S07E13: Is Crazy Morgan Back For Good? [Spoilers]

Is crazy morgan back for good?

Caution: This entire article is about the ramifications of what just went down in “Bury Me Here,” the latest episode of The Walking Dead. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, here is your standard The Walking Dead spoiler warning

The buildup in the episode was amazing, from the shot of that single melon to Carol waking up, and letting us see that Carol, in spite of her self-imposed solitude, hasn’t lost a beat when it comes to being able to handle herself on the road. Who knew that a road sign would be such a good weapon against a walker or two?

We always knew that Carol was a smart lady, and that something in Daryl’s story didn’t ring true to her. And Morgan’s shifty eyes didn’t reassure her one bit. But Carol’s a strong and independent woman, and she doesn’t need Morgan holding her hand as she goes back to Alexandria. And she certainly doesn’t need a kid like Benji tagging along.

So, Richard pulls a Rosita and tries to sacrifice himself for what he sees as the good of the Kingdom. If we’ve learned anything about that in Season 7 of The Walking Dead, it’s that the ones who pay the ultimate price are never the ones you think. Look at poor Olivia in the mid-season finale “Hearts Still Beating.” But Richard tries to do what he can, preparing his grave with Katy’s backpack and writing his version of an “If you’re reading this…” letter.

On the way to the meet, we finally learn what that teaser photo of the cantaloupes was all about during the mid-season hiatus. Richard stealthily hides a melon, and you know that’s just not going to fly. And Richard has prepared a roadblock for some reason, maybe it’s just to distract everyone while he hides the cantaloupe? As they get to the meeting point with the Saviors, it becomes apparent what the shopping carts were for. Gavin is waiting for them and not happy that the Kingdom has arrived late.

Oh, and look who’s there as well. It’s Jared, who gets slapped with a staff once again. Jared isn’t happy, but stands down for a minute while Gavin looks over the delivery and discovers that they are one. melon. short.

Gavin gets Ezekiel to have everyone give up their weapons and decides that enough is enough. Things have to be dealt with right now. Jared gets a glint in his eye and points a gun at Richard. Richard mans up and tells Jared to do it.

Nope. Jared shoots Benjamin in the leg. That does not sit well with Ezekiel or Gavin. But before the Kingdom crew can leave, Gavin makes them understand that they have to bring one melon the next day.

Morgan realizes that Carol is closer than the Kingdom hospital, so off they race to get Benjamin help. But despite their best efforts, Benjamin ended up with Morgan’s knife in his head. That’s a bummer. Morgan loses it a little bit and goes back to where they found Richard’s grave. Cue some hysterics and Morgan contemplating suicide (really, Morgan?), and he finds the missing melon. And you can see things click in Morgan’s head. Uh oh. Would not want to be Richard right now.

Morgan actually lets Richard explain himself. It’s actually a pretty reasonable explanation. That is, if it hadn’t ended up with a dead Benjamin. The next day, at the drop-off point where they are delivering one melon, Morgan loses it again and chokes the life out of Richard. That was certainly unexpected. Thankfully, Morgan retains enough presence to calm the Saviors down and do what needs to be done.

So, Benjamin is dead, and it was all Richard’s fault. And Richard is dead, and Morgan sort of lost it there for a few minutes, taking out walkers and a person with a crazy look in his eye. And now Carol knows the truth about what happened to Abraham and Glenn and is going to drag Ezekiel into the fight. And that closing shot of Morgan, putting a point on his staff. What would Eastman think of that, Morgan?

Morgan's last shot, sharpening his staff back into a spear doesn't seem good for the Saviors

This is certainly ramping things up for the last three episodes of the season. Tara leading Rick and company back to Oceanside to get some weapons, Sasha and Rosita going to take out Negan, and the season finale with Sasha’s death are certainly going to be things to look forward to. At least we’ll get to see Abraham one last time during her death montage.

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