‘Arrow’ Spoilers: How Will Oliver End Up Back On The Island?

Green Arrow shooting three arrows at once.

Arrow spoilers might be expected to involve something we definitely know, but since speculations about how Oliver will end up back on Lian Yu could easily lead to spoilers, be warned. The island situation itself is one of the most important upcoming mysteries of the show, since they’re rapidly running out of time to get Oliver out of Russia and back to the island quickly enough to grow that outrageous beard and hair we saw at the beginning of Season 1.

Flashbacks Ending On Arrow

As reported by Cinemablend, the producers of Arrow have already made clear that the end of Season 5 will see Oliver Queen being rescued from the island of Lian Yu in one of the never ending flashbacks. But of course, with that rescue the flashbacks will – presumably – come to an end. After all, we’ve seen everything that happened after that.

For many fans of the show, this can’t possibly happen soon enough. While the flashbacks were sometimes entertaining and even useful during the first one or two seasons of Arrow, in the later seasons they became a momentum killing monster that added almost nothing to the show.

Worse, these flashbacks have made maintaining the continuity of the series much more difficult. Producers and writers have to go back and reference everything about Arrow from that time before making plans for an upcoming episode. In addition, the flashbacks have frequently been presented in a rather contrived way in which the topic of the flashback ties into whatever’s going on in current times on the episode. For most fans, this has become annoying.

It would have actually been more interesting if the flashbacks didn’t have anything to do with the main story of the particular episode they were in.

Oliver Back On The Island

Obviously, for the aforementioned continuity to make any sense at all, it is essential that by the end of Season 5 Oliver is on the island. But Oliver is currently deeply caught up in a plot involving the Bratva in Russia, and he will have to wrap up the elimination of Konstantin Kovar before leaving the country.

Plus, Oliver is supposedly going to get further training from the person we know is Talia al Ghul, daughter of his later nemesis, Ra’s al Ghul, and sister of Nyssa al Ghul. When and where is this going to happen?

Perhaps that’s how they’re going to get Oliver back to the island. In fact, unless he’s going to get very little training from Talia and someone in Russia is going to just dump him on the island – for whatever reason – Talia would almost have to provide him with this additional training on the island itself.

Of course, this would seem a bit odd because of her suggestion that he needs to go back to Star City and carry out his father’s wishes about cleaning up the mess there. But perhaps she didn’t mean that this needed to happen immediately and will want to give him the skills necessary to do the job.

It would be great if Ra’s al Ghul himself could show up for the training, but we know that can’t happen. Ra’s al Ghul and Oliver didn’t meet until years later on the show. This is another problem with the flashbacks. They are limited by what happens later.

So, these potential Arrow spoilers would seem to mean – if it turns out to be true – that Oliver is going to spend a good deal of the time back on Lian Yu with Talia al Ghul. And all of this is almost certainly going to have to happen within the story arc of Season 5.

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