Duggar Husband Doesn’t Want You To See ‘The Shack,’ As God Is Not A Black Woman

Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar

While it would seem like the Duggar clan has bigger problems than keeping people away from a movie, one member of the family, Ben Seewald, husband of Jessa Duggar, is really fired up for a number of reasons, including the fact that the movie, The Shack, portrays God as a black woman, played by Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer. Seewald also has an issue of God being seen as too benevolent, and something that is accessible to everyone. But something the Duggar son-in-law didn’t see coming was that his ranting might have encouraged more people to go and see The Shack. But all of this begs the question, is Ben Seewald simply offended by the egalitarian message about religion, or is it a bigger issue with race and gender equality?

If anyone believes that the rest of the Duggar family will break ranks with Ben Seewald and embrace the movie, The Shack, that won’t be happening. In the last year, when it was revealed that their own son, Josh Duggar, cheated on his wife with Ashley Madison and OKCupid accounts, the Duggar family stuck by him, even though his actions cost them their TLC series, says the Inquisitr. Though the Duggars see themselves as very religious, and the epitome of Christians, they turned a blind eye on Josh Duggar’s molestation behavior towards his sisters and other family members. But most people believe with his criticism of The Shack, Seewald is doing the work of the Duggar family.

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The movie, The Shack, starring Octavia Spencer, suggests that heaven is something accessible through several paths, as long as you are a good person, but that seems to fly in the face of the evangelical message that Ben Seewald and the Duggars embrace, says The Hollywood Gossip. The film, which to most has a simple warm fuzzy message, as a grieving father is helped by otherworldly powers to deal with the abduction and murder of his child, was not exactly setting box office records before, is now getting more attention as a result of the protests by the Duggar family, Seewald, and the evangelical community, which find it, you guessed it, blasphemous.


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But what is even more interesting is that Ben Seewald is coming out to be the front man on this particular issue. Seewald is unemployed, and has two children with his wife, Jessa Duggar, and both are financially supported by her [Duggar] family. Ben Seewald has not only spoken out about his dislike of The Shack, he ranted to his followers on Instagram in a video. The bottom line? The Shack portrays God as too merciful, and too understanding. Huh? Hollywood Gossip came down hard on Seewald, wondering how he has so much time to be an unpaid film critic.

“You’d think an unemployed father of two would mostly be busy scouring the want ads, but it seems Ben [Seewald] has time to get all fired up about a movie.”

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Ben Seewald is actually the one Duggar-adjacent person who has seemed to make an effort to spread the word that Christians come in more than one color, so perhaps the issue with Octavia Spencer in The Shack as God is that she is a woman? But even when Seewald spoke of race, he missed the mark.

“There’s been a lot of, like, tension in America between, like, blacks and whites, and in the media, too. There’s been all these reports and, like, ‘race war’ and, you know, going on and everything, and these killings and people saying, ‘Hey, we’re trying to start a race war?’ How should we respond to that as Christians?”

But then Seewald took a sharp right, and blamed racism, and the treatment of people of color as caused by evolution.

“That’s right, there’s no room for racism in Christianity. That all comes from the Devil. That all comes from, like, this false religion out here, evolution, that stuff? Teaching that, like, some people are ‘more evolved?'”

But as the Duggar family spokesman on this topic, Ben Seewald is not alone in the belief that The Shack is bad for the evangelical business, as men farther up the food chain are breaking down the problems with The Shack in a website called Leading the Way. They see a variety of problems, but six major ones, including that the God figure, Octavia Spencer, is too approachable, and that she is not portrayed as something to be feared.

The character in The Shack is angry at God, and through the narrative, this is seen as acceptable and understandable, and yet Leading the Way believes that God should not be questioned, and the character should have just submitted to God’s plan for his murdered daughter. The bottom line for Ben Seewald, the Duggar family, and many evangelicals is this: The Shack does not provide a proper path to God.

“Beloved, the best place to meet God is not at the shack, but at the cross.”

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The Shack, which is a New York Times bestselling book by William P. Young, is being accused by Ben Seewald, the Duggar family, and evangelicals as suggesting that there are other paths than Christ to get to a heavenly reward, and this seems to be almost as blasphemous as evolution to the cause.

What do you think Ben Seewald and the Duggar family object to the most about the movie The Shack, with Octavia Spencer playing God?

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