Apple’s AirPods For iPhone 7 Are Still Difficult, But Possible, To Find

Apple's AirPods are still not readily available

If you are one of the thousands of people still looking for AirPods, there is a little hope. You just need to be quick. A Reddit poster called TomLube posted on Friday that several Apple Store retail locations did receive a decent stock of AirPods. Then, several users confirmed that the were able to purchase the buds.

“Was sitting at work…completely forgot I had Fruit basket opened. And I heard a ping. Opened it up, said ‘Found one!’ and bam, bought my pair and picked them up right away. Love them lol,” said Reddit user BillyWaz, who added that by the time of his ordering and driving to the store, they sold out of their stock.

“Yeah checked yesterday and there was some in my local Apple Store in Montréal. Bought a pair….. and canceled my order. They fit well in my ears, went for a quick run this morning no problems and impressed with the quality of the sound and phone calls,” excitingly claimed Fblondin.

Going to the Apple Store website can be misleading as they claim — in most locations — that the AirPods won’t be available for pickup until May 1. However, stock trickles in and out throughout the week, and it sometimes doesn’t show on the retail website. A good way to get notified once a retail location gets stock is to go to the Fruit Basket website, which alerts you once the AirPods, as well as other Apple products, are in stock.

Apple's AirPods are better than people had expected

Apple’s AirPods are considered the first true wireless earbuds that offer a combination of good sound quality, decent battery life, and wireless convenience. Rolling Stone described the AirPods as “pretty f***ing cool.”

“And while $159 is still a pretty penny to spend on far less than audiophile-grade headphones, it’s a bargain for the experience of walking around, totally wire-free, with a personal soundtrack pumped directly into your brain. In a nutshell: pretty fu***cool.”

The review adds that connecting these buds is far easier than connecting other Bluetooth products. Forbes also likes the AirPods and says they are made of pure magic.

“That’s right folks, these Bluetooth wireless headphones require no button pushing or connection with the physical world. They are simply magical. Many wizards worked tirelessly on either the optical sensor and motion accelerometer technology or the marketing campaign. The lines are blurred. Magic does that.”

The article adds that the five hours of battery life are actually quite impressive considering how small the buds, which come with a charging case, are. The case charges the AirPods in a matter of minutes. Many thought that Apple’s wireless buds would fall out easily, but many will attest that they rarely fall out, no matter how much you wiggle your head.

The BeatsX are an alternative to the AirPods

Another complaint from users is that there is no noise isolation. Perhaps those people might want to check out Apple’s new BeatsX earbud headphones, which are connected together by a wire. However, they use Apple’s W1 connection to simply connect to your iPhone or other Apple device. Time noted that even though the BeatsX are easy to set up, are comfortable, and are good at muffling outside noise, they don’t always stay in your ears during heavy exercise. The reviewer also didn’t like the fact that the power button is hard to find.

Both the AirPods and BeatsX can be used with non-Apple devices, but the connection won’t be as simple. Still, with both the AirPods and the BeatsX, most sources would agree that Apple has proven they are still ahead of the curve.

[Featured Image by Daryl Deino]