Former ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules On Going To Paradise And Nick Viall’s Intentions

Former Bachelor Chris Soules is still single and is still hoping to find a special woman to spend his life with. Chris has not spent too much time in the spotlight recently, but has made a few appearances here and there. It’s been a while since Soules has been in a serious relationship and fans are ready to see him dating again. While he fulfilled his role as The Bachelor, Chris fell in love with nurse Whitney Bischoff. They ended their short-lived engagement just two months after the season finale aired on television. Now nearly two years later, Chris is considering another try finding love within The Bachelor franchise.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Chris to talk about everything from what really goes down in the fantasy suites, the possibility of him heading to Bachelor in Paradise this summer, and what he thinks of Nick Viall’s journey. So will Soules be heading to Mexico this summer to have another chance at love? Chris admits the producers have already contacted him with an offer to appear on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4. Chris says he isn’t quite sure what he is going to do.

Chris says he is hesitant to appear on the upcoming season because of how the relationships have worked out for him during his past time on The Bachelor. Fans will remember that Chris was on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette. A broken-hearted Soules was sent home and America began petitioning for Chris to land the upcoming Bachelor role. Soules was offered the job and gladly accepted. Chris was again broken-hearted in the end when he and Whitney confirmed their split in May of 2015.

When talking about the possibility of him accepting the offer to head to Bachelor in Paradise, Chris says, “I’ve already been asked, and I don’t know what to do. I’ve gotten chubby. That’s my main concern. Those guys have abs and sh*t!” Chris admits it would be a lot of fun to be on the season, but he is skeptical since having been The Bachelor. Soules also adds that living on a farm in the middle of nowhere does not help his single status.

While Soules did not find a lasting love as The Bachelor, he adamantly does say he was not pressured into anything by producers and ultimately made his own choices. Chris admits this is the longest amount of time he has been single so hopefully, fans will see him take a leap of faith and head to Bachelor in Paradise. Fans are still hoping to see Prince Farming, as he’s known, find a wife.

Chris was also asked about good friend Nick Viall during another recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. Soules shared that he hopes Nick has good intentions in regards to the show and finding love. Chris is predicting that if Nick picks anyone it will be Vanessa Grimaldi. Soules admits he has a crush on her as well, but hopes things work out for Viall.

Being good friends now, Chris feels like he knows Nick fairly well. Chris says, “He loves being famous. He loves the spotlight, he really truly does. If he wouldn’t admit that, he’s lying.” Soules went on to add, “I love the guy to death and there’s nothing wrong with that. The most successful couples are the ones who stay together.”

Chris says Nick has reality television down well after having appeared on The Bachelor franchise four times now. Chris also competed on Dancing With the Stars, just as Nick is doing now. Chris said, “I finished fifth I think. I’m hoping he finishes sixth, sorry Nick! Just kidding, you’re a better dancer than me.”

With Nick’s fantasy suite dates having just aired, Entertainment Tonight also caught up with Chris to talk about what really goes down on those overnight dates. So do all the contestants have sex with their final three? Chris says, “I honestly don’t know… that wasn’t the most important thing to me, it really wasn’t… I don’t ask people either. I don’t want to be asked to talk about it; it’s not anybody’s business… Most would assume but I also know what I went through and I know that just wasn’t a priority – it was the furthest thing from it.”

Chris does say that the producers stock the room so if the couple does decide to get intimate they are prepared. Soules says condoms and other normal necessities are already in the room for their use if they so choose. Chris also says prior to coming on the show, every contestant is tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Chris has always been a Bachelor favorite and fans would be ecstatic for him to have one more shot at love in Paradise. In the meantime, don’t miss seeing Nick’s season wrap up Monday night on ABC with the live After the Final Rose airing immediately after.

[Featured Image by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]/