‘LHHATL’: Stevie J And Joseline Hernandez Back Together, Partying At The Club

Now that Stevie J is sure that Joseline Hernandez’s brand new baby, Bonnie Bella, is his, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta couple have been making strides to get along again. However, it looks like not everything is for the sake of their child, and clearly, Stevie and Joseline are truly enjoying each other’s company again.

The formerly contentious couple were caught up in the club in Atlanta over the weekend, and Joseline Hernandez was kind enough to post a few photos of herself posing with Stevie. To make the rekindled romance rumors even juicier is the claim from another club goer that she was enjoying the vibe in the same club as Stevie J and Joseline. She says the pair were definitely having a great time. BET reported that the woman was partying in the same strip club as Stevie J and Joseline and claims they were definitely together.

Based on the outfit that Joseline Hernandez was wearing in the Instagram snaps that she shared, the Puerto Rican princess has already ditched the conservative mother look that she was trying to pull off while co-hosting on The Real several weeks back and switched back to the overly sexy outfits of her past. This time around, Joseline was wearing a fancy beaded black bra with a matching beaded black skirt that left very little to the imagination. Joseline’s shoes were shiny blue and looked like a stretchy spandex material that went all the way up, completely covering her legs. She also wore a pair of elbow-length purple gloves that looked to be made of the same material as her boots.

Until recently, Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez were definitely not in a good place with their relationship. The LHHATL couple broke up last year, only to reunite one time in Los Angeles, where Joseline reportedly got pregnant with their daughter, Bonnie Bella.

After learning about Joseline Hernandez’s pregnancy, Stevie J denied that he was the father for months, citing rumors that Joseline had been messing with many other men, including rappers Young Dro and Rick Ross. Joseline maintained that Stevie J was the father, though, and even said as much on a recent episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She claimed that she knew Stevie J was Bonnie Bella’s father because she hadn’t been with other men since their break up. Joseline admitted that she had been intimate with other women, but that doesn’t make a baby.

It looks like Stevie might even believe Joseline’s story that she was not with other men besides Stevie, or maybe he just doesn’t even care. It’s not like he wasn’t getting around during their split. Stevie reportedly even tried to move on with Faith Evans, but true to his reputation, he ended up doing some things during a guys’ weekend camping trip that Yung Joc turned into more of a co-ed sleepover and Faith dumped him before things even got hot.

Now that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez have been spending more time together again, it looks like the two are doing way more than parenting. It wouldn’t be far-fetched for the on-again, off-again couple to end up back together. After all, Stevie J said in an interview late last year that he might consider getting back together with Joseline. It’s clear that she misses him too.

In recent weeks, Joseline has made it clear that she wants more kids and rumor has it that she would really like to have them with Stevie J. We still haven’t seen all of baby Bonnie Bella since Joseline has been hiding her face for the big reveal on a delivery special that VH1 is debuting in May. From what we can tell so far, though, Stevie J and Joseline made a beautiful baby together. If they really are finally getting along, maybe now could be the time for Stevie and Joseline to make another one.

With both Stevie J and Joseline back on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for Season 6, even though both were rumored to have been fired for all the drama they brought in the last season, this is the perfect opportunity for the two to work out their wild romance and see if they really want to be together forever or not.

[Featured Image by John Salangsang/Invision/AP Images]