Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry’s Breakup Could Be Explained By These Photos

Orlando Bloom may have broken up with Katy Perry, but he can’t seem to stop liking her pics on Instagram, according to ELLE.

Orlando Bloom and Perry, who started dating a little more than a year ago, apparently had a very complicated and even twisted romance. Orlando Bloom and Perry were photographed together at the Vanity Fair Oscar after-party last month, and less than 48 hours afterwards, representatives for the couple confirmed their breakup.

While that’s perfectly normal – couples do breakup while seemingly making their relationship look healthy and fine for others – Orlando Bloom reportedly spent a night with another girl the day before the Oscars. According to People magazine’s sources, Orlando Bloom was spotted “getting chummy” with Global Green President Les McCabe’s daughter Erin McCabe during an Oscars pre-party that Saturday night.

And then the next day Orlando Bloom attended the Oscars 2017 hand in hand with Perry as if nothing had happened. On Monday, the Lord of the Rings actor posted a snap of Perry’s dog on his own Instagram account. And eagle-eyed fans of Orlando Bloom were quick to notice that the actor, who turned 40-years-old this past January, is still liking his ex-girlfriend’s photos on Instagram.

While that certainly doesn’t sound like the normal and socially-accepted post-breakup behavior most people are used to, a friend of Orlando Bloom, cited by People magazine, revealed that his relationship with Perry was never “as serious” as the media thought. In fact, that friend added that Orlando Bloom was “keeping his options open” throughout his one-year romance with the “Roar” singer.

Reps for the former couple said in a statement that both Orlando Bloom and Perry were taking “loving, respectful space at this time.” While that’s a rather vague description of someone’s breakup, it appears that Bloom and Perry’s relationship had always been just as vague.

While every breakup is tough – and Perry is certainly not going to set off fireworks to celebrate her split from Orlando Bloom – a source close to the “Fireworks” singer revealed that her split from John Mayer “was a lot harder for her.”

“This really wasn’t a bad breakup for her. This just ran its course.”

While it’s clear that there are no hard feelings between Orlando Bloom and Perry following their split, the friend of Bloom also added that the “Roar” singer is currently going “through a lot of changes” for her new music, “both physically and emotionally,” and the breakup was “a part” of those changes.

“There was nothing dramatic or over the top.”

While the real reason why Orlando Bloom and Perry officially called it quits hasn’t been revealed yet, many argue that it could be totally Bloom’s fault as he reportedly chose to spend a night with another woman before the Oscars. According to the Sun, Perry decided to break up with Orlando Bloom just hours after she saw a video showing him “all over” the charity president’s daughter last Saturday.

In the video in question, Orlando Bloom is seen kissing McCabe on the cheek and then placing his hand on her knee. The woman then strokes his ear and they are seen heading to a private area together. According to sources who attended the Oscars pre-party, Bloom kept “rubbing her back” all night.

Are these the photos that explain Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s breakup?

Orlando Bloom and McCabe reportedly left the L.A. party at the same time. Perry, meanwhile, was more than 5,500 miles away performing at the Brit Awards in London that night.

Interestingly, Orlando Bloom seems to like meeting new ladies at awards shows parties, as he and Perry first sparked their romance at a Golden Globes party in January, 2016.

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