Donald Trump Approval Rating Better Than Pence, Ryan But Not By Much, Polls Show

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Donald Trump continues to rack up the lowest approval ratings in history for a new president. Nonetheless, Trump is also perhaps the most popular figure in Washington D.C. with polls showing that he is better-liked than his own vice president, Mike Pence — as well as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

And when it comes to Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Trump finds himself almost twice as popular — despite’s Trump’s own lagging favorability ratings.

Oddly enough, McConnell’s own favorability numbers have been rising sharply since 2017 began. According to the Huffington Post average of all major polls, McConnell’s favorability rating now stands at an anemic 24.1 percent. In other words, only about one of every four Americans have a favorable opinion of the 75-year-old six-term senator from Kentucky.

But that number is up from late last year, when McConnell’s favorable rating on the polling average slumped to just 16 percent on December 1.

Donald Trump polls, Donald Trump approval rating, lowest presidential approval ratings, Rasmussen poll, Donald Trump favorable, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan

Trump, on the other hand, currently sports a favorable rating of 43.6 percent in the polling average.

That rating is an unhealthy one, with more than half of Americans — 50.5 percent — saying that think of Trump in an unfavorable light. In fact, in the 10 most recent polls asking Americans whether they have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Trump, the former reality TV show host scored a positive rating in only two — and not if those Trump-friendly polls were conducted by the same research firm.

The latest Politico/Morning Consult poll puts Trump in the “favorable” category by a slim two percentage points, though less than half of Americans think favorably of him according to the poll — 49 percent to 47 percent who say they have an unfavorable view of Trump about a month and a half into his term.

But Trump is still better-liked than Pence or Ryan, at least according to the polling averages. But his lead is only a slim margin over either. According to‘s average, Pence is at least more liked than disliked — but his favorable rating is just 43.2 percent, compared to 38.9 percent unfavorable.

In other words, in the average of all polls, Trump’s own popularity exceeds that of his own vice president by a mere four-10ths of a percentage point.

Donald Trump polls, Donald Trump approval rating, lowest presidential approval ratings, Rasmussen poll, Donald Trump favorable, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan

Ryan, however, fares considerably worse than Pence — though the house speaker remains less loathed by the American public than McConnell. With a favorable rating of just 37.7 percent, Ryan lags behind Trump by 5.9 points. But his unfavorable rating of 40.4 percent, lower than Trump by more than 10 points in the average.

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It should be noted that Trump’s “favorable” rating is separate from his “approval” rating. While the favorability rating measures how Americans view Trump personally, the approval ratings show how they evaluate Trump’s performance on the job n the White House.

Trump’s latest average approval ratings continue to reveal that Americans take a dim view of his job performance. Almost half of Americans — 49.8 percent — say that they disapprove of Trump’s job performance, while only 45.6 percent approve of the job Trump has done over the first 50 days of his term.

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