Explaining Nicole Kidman’s Abnormal Oscars Clap

Nicole Kidman clap Oscars explained reason

Nicole Kidman delivered one of the most awkward Oscars 2017 moments after the Best Picture gaffe, according to Us Weekly. The actress left many of her fans concerned after she was caught on camera awkwardly clapping.

With many of her fans wondering if there is something wrong with Nicole Kidman, the Internet has created thousands of memes with Kidman clapping, as well as invented hundreds of theories to figure out the big mystery behind Kidman’s awkward clapping.

There’s no doubt that the four-time Oscar-nominated Nicole Kidman can act and she can sing, but apparently, there’s one thing Kidman is really bad at: clapping. Nicole Kidman awkwardly and weirdly clapping was captured during Viola Davis’ emotional acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Fences.

Interestingly, Nicole Kidman was nominated in the same category for her performance in Lion, so her awkward clapping might have something to do with her loss.

This is not the first time Nicole Kidman has been mocked for her style of clapping. Two years ago, during the 2015 Academy Awards ceremony, one female viewer noted on Twitter that the actress’s style of applauding looks as if she “got a manicure & doesn’t want to mess it up.”

This year, another viewer – who also happened to be a woman – also noted that no one claps like Nicole Kidman “unless they have wet nail polish.”

But that theory can be easily dismissed, as Davis’ Best Supporting Actress victory came about five hours into the ceremony, meaning that Nicole Kidman’s nail polish would have been long dried even if she got the manicure seconds before hitting the Oscars 2017 red carpet. Unless, of course, Nicole Kidman got manicured right in the audience, just seconds before Davis’ victory was announced. Perhaps she wanted to be extra picture-ready with nails super-freshly manicured while delivering an acceptance speech. But, well, she lost.

There were, of course, other theories explaining Nicole Kidman’s weird clapping. One viewer joked that Kidman claps like The Grinch. That’s actually a pretty believable theory since the actress has for decades been compared to The Grinch.

The Elite Daily, meanwhile, has another name for Nicole Kidman’s Oscars 2017 clap. And that is: “a creepy seal clap.”

AOL had another name for it, calling Nicole Kidman’s hilarious style of applauding, “an alien who’s still trying to learn how to fit in.”

But Nicole Kidman did a terrible job at fitting in: couldn’t she learn the standard human fashion of clapping while being seated between husband Keith Urban and Best Supporting Actress nominee Octavia Spencer, both of whom are seen clapping normally?

Another viewer hilariously – and quite obviously and expectedly – noted that Nicole Kidman is clapping like Edward Scissorhands.

Another probable theory surrounding Nicole Kidman’s clap is actually very likely, considering the fact that small parachutes carrying candies were dropped on the audience during the Sunday’s broadcast. Perhaps Nicole Kidman found a portion of BBQ wings in one of those parachutes instead of candy – so she ended up clapping with her fingers being greasy. Host Jimmy Kimmel should have put wet napkins in those parachutes.

Thankfully, Nicole Kidman has explained her creepy clap, according to CNN. As it turns out, it was all because of a borrowed ring.

“It was really difficult because I had a huge ring on that was not my own. It was absolutely gorgeous, and I was terrified of damaging it.”

Well, Nicole Kidman apparently can’t clap, but she can certainly rock a red carpet, according to the Los Angeles Times. The Lion actress sported one of the best looks at this year’s awards ceremony.

With her gorgeous Armani Privé dress that is form-fitting, sleek and in a pale shade, it were Nicole Kidman’s dangling red-and-pink earrings that truly stole the spotlight that night.

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