‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: March 13-17 Week Of Rocky Relationships

Teeming with drama and romance, it promises to be an exciting week of March 13-17 for Days of Our Lives. Spoilers reported by Soaphub include the never-ending love quadrangle between Abigail, Chad, Gabi and now Dario too, Nicole choosing Holly above all else, Ciara coming clean about her feelings for Theo, Jennifer being romanced, Kate and Chad team up against Deimos and Adrienne gets pampered.

Chad Better Watch Out…

Chad better watch out because while his eyes are lusting after Gabi, Dario has his eyes on Abigail.

Abigail always seems to be left out by her husband Chad and best friend Gabi. While the husband and wife are holding a press conference for an event to be hosted by Salem High, Gabi and Chad reminisce about the good old days of high school.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers by Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that while Chad is changing his clothes, Gabi walks in. He tries to cover up but Gabi comes to his aid. In Days of our Lives fashion, Abigail walks in on the cozy scene and asks them what is going on. She obviously is flustered by the situation but pretends to be okay.

“Abigail will pretend she isn’t bothered by the situations Chad and Gabi keep ending up in. However, it’s obvious that she’s jealous and concerned. Every time Abigail thinks she’s in a good place with Chad, there’s another setback to deal with.”

Abigail tries to be proactive about the situation by setting Eli up with Gabi, but until Gabi let’s go of Chad it is unlikely that Abigail’s setup will work.

Chad, always trying to do the right thing, will confess to Abigail that he is still struggling with his attraction to Gabi. He assures Abigail that he remains committed to her. Obviously, this will have an impact on Abigail.

But Abigail has more than the Chad and Gabi situation to worry about, as she realizes that there may be more to the dancing lessons with Dario and what he is wanting from her.

In the meantime, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Deimos retaliates against Chad for messing up his artifact arrangement. Chad was expecting a retaliation from Deimos but not this.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Abigail suddenly goes missing. The question is does she go missing because of Chad’s confession, or can her disappearance be linked to Deimos.

Chad isn’t the only one frantic about Abigail’s disappearance, and Dario is adamant in helping to search for her because his feelings for her have grown.

Nicole Stands Firm

DOOL Deimos begs Nicole's Forgiveness
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Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that Deimos begs Nicole to forgive him. Nicole almost gives in, but her love for her daughter wins in the end. She wants to have a future with Holly. Victor is so set against Brady getting close to Nicole that he offers to leave with her to Canada.

The Youngsters

Ciara tells Claire how she feels about Theo, and Julie encourages her to tell Theo the truth. Joey tries his best to let Jade down easy. Eli is welcomed by the Hortons into the family.

Is Romance in the Air For Jennifer?

DOOL Abigail and Eric Kiss
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Eli isn’t the only one welcomed back in Salem during the week of March 13-17. Eric returns and Jennifer will get some long-needed romance in her life again. Surprisingly, Jennifer and Eric share a kiss.

Deimos the Victim?

Kate and Chad aren’t the only ones teaming up against Deimos. Sonny and Paul work together as well to the detriment of Deimos.

Kate also helps Justin and Lucas in their plan to pamper Adrienne.

March 13-17 promises to be a busy week for Days of our Lives.

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