Apple Black Friday Ad Teased For US And Australia

The 2012 Apple Black Friday ad was teased on Monday for both the company’s US and Australian websites.

In its Black Friday ad, Apple writes:

“The one-day Apple shopping event is Friday, 23 November … Get ready to give. Shop online or visit your favorite Apple Retail Store. We’ll help you make the most of the day, no matter how you shop.”

Apple is notorious for refusing to cut prices throughout the year. The only time the company dips below standard pricing is Black Friday. Even then, deals in the past have been marginal, for example, $101 off Mac purchases in the United States. Price cuts for Apple’s iPad devices were also given in 2011 with cuts ranging from $41 to $61.

While Apple’s discounts are not the best in class, they do draw plenty of traffic to the company’s website and retail locations. Many third party company’s also attempt to take advantage of Apple deals in order to purchase devices for less than wholesale prices when available.

Apple has chosen to launch its sales at midnight rather than jumping into the Black Friday sales gimmick at 8 pm as Walmart and other competitors have chosen to do.

While other retail businesses have been quick to release their full ad scans, Apple will likely wait until the last minute before proceeding to let potential buys in on its deals.

With the Apple iPad mini already selling for a $129 premium above its competitors, this might be the perfect opportunity to save some cash on your next Apple tablet purchase.