Gullible Uncle Trump: Stephen Colbert Spoofs ‘New York Times’ Ad

Gullible Uncle Trump Stephen Colbert

The Gullible Uncle of America is now the new nickname for President Donald Trump, according to the Washington Post. It’s not the first time the nickname, created by Stephen Colbert, has been applied to Trump.

Last Monday, The Late Show host spoofed an ad that the New York Times had run during the Oscars 2017 broadcast. In the spoof ad, Colbert refers to Trump as a “liar,” “bully,” and even “America’s gullible uncle.”

In the original New York Times ad, which had the goal of getting people to buy the Times newspapers, editors featured the phrase “the truth is,” which describes different takes on some of the most pressing U.S. issues.

“The truth is we need a full investigation of Russian ties. The truth is leaking classified information is the real scandal.”

Colbert’s gullible uncle ad, meanwhile, was created by The Late Show host to get people to watch his CBS talk show. While the Times had the goal of getting people to read its newspapers after Trump addressed Congress, Colbert apparently wanted people to tune in to watch his talk show after the President’s Congress address.

In the 30-second ad, Colbert offers a wide variety of names for Trump, calling him “America’s gullible uncle,” “climate change denier,” and “Willy Wonka who has been genetically cross-bred with a carnivorous Oompa Loompa.”

While the original New York Times ad ends with the phrase, “the truth is hard to find, hard to know, more important now than ever,” Colbert ended his gullible uncle spoof by simply announcing that the President would be addressing Congress that Tuesday night.

“We’ll be live. Afterwards.”

Watch the ad here.

The President himself threw mud at the New York Times ad on Twitter, and told the newspaper to “try reporting accurately & fairly.”

Colbert’s episode focused on “America’s gullible uncle” – Trump – was broadcast last Tuesday night and featured Lisa Kudrow as well as former White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

In fact, this is not the first time Colbert has referred to Trump as “America’s gullible uncle,” according to the Daily Beast.

Almost exactly a year ago, in mid-March 2016, Colbert blasted the then-presidential hopeful for spreading false rumors surrounding an attempted attack during Trump’s rally in March. Calling Trump “America’s gullible uncle,” Colbert slammed the then-presidential candidate for believing everything he sees on the Internet.

While Trump alleged that it was an ISIS member who attempted to attack his March rally – and his allegations stemmed from a hoax video claiming the attacker had links to ISIS – Colbert poked fun at both the alleged attacker and Trump, calling the latter “America’s gullible uncle.” During the incident in question, which took place during Trump’s rally in Dayton, Ohio in March last year, the man attempted to rush the stage. After Chuck Todd told Trump that there was evidence proving that the man had no ties to ISIS, the then-presidential hopeful said, “All I know is what’s on the Internet.”

Trump’s response triggered a new round of criticism towards the Republican, with Colbert labeling Trump as “America’s gullible uncle” for, well, being gullible and believing everything he sees on the Internet.

“The likely Republican nominee for president of the United States said all he knows is what’s on the Internet. Trump is America’s gullible uncle, just forwarding anything he sees online.”

Colbert even tried to justify the attacker’s actions at Trump’s rally, saying that the man probably saw the Republican presidential candidate’s “head from a distance and thought they were giving out free ham.”

Trump hasn’t yet responded to Colbert’s New York Times spoof video nor has he responded to The Late Show host’s “America’s gullible uncle” joke.

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