‘Bachelor’ Nick Viall Caught On Video Talking About Fantasy Suite Sex With Raven

Bachelor Nick Viall and Raven Gates

The Bachelor star Nick Viall is frequently spotted out and about in L.A. and when one fan sat near the reality TV star at a trendy dining spot last week, what she overheard Nick saying about contestant Raven Gates will have many fans wondering if he was serious about finding love the fourth time around.

Nick was having lunch at Joan’s on Third with Bachelor in Paradise star Jared Haibon when a fan overheard him talking about Raven, including how he really feels about her and some details about their Fantasy Suite date. It’s obvious that Nick was unaware that a fan was listening in and little did he know, someone was also videotaping the conversation. (video below)

Warning: This article includes Bachelor Season 21 spoilers

Raven and Nick The Bachelor Season 21

Die-hard Bachelor fans know that Nick isn’t great at keeping his feelings to himself when it comes to dishing about his experiences within the franchise. Many fans will remember when Nick was caught on tape talking to a friend about how Bachelorette Andi Dorfman rejected him before the final rose ceremony was taped. The video (below) was released by Reality Steve and spoiled the outcome of Andi’s season.

And for those who aren’t so sure if Reality Steve‘s spoilers are right this season, what Nick told Jared Haibon will all but confirm that Raven Gates did not get the final rose when the Bachelor Season 21 finale was filmed in Finland in November.

One of Reality Steve‘s readers recently sent in an email that details the conversation that she overheard and while Steve initially downplayed her email as unconfirmed gossip, he later confirmed that Nick was indeed at the restaurant with Jared and, if you listen closely to the video below (and do a little lip reading), you will hear the conversation play out as the reader describes in the quote below.

Highlights from the conversation include Nick telling Jared that although Raven was a “cool girl” he didn’t sleep with her in the Fantasy Suite. Of course, ABC’s Bachelor finale preview shows Nick struggling to hand out his final rose because he’s in love with both girls. In addition, during the overnight dates, producers did their best to convince viewers that Nick slept with Raven and took care of her quest to have an orgasm.

“I sat down next to Nick Viall and Jared Haibon — Nick was wearing a black shirt, black sweats, and red Nikes,” the reader writes, describing what Nick had on — something that is confirmed in the video from Hollywood Fix above.

“I heard Jared ask Nick about the overnight date with Raven that aired last Monday. Nick said to Jared ‘I mean she’s a cool girl, it wasn’t as much as was brought on, never had sex.'”

If Nick was speaking the truth during his conversation with Jared, none of that happened and he wasn’t as into Raven as fans are led to believe. After all, calling her a “cool girl” doesn’t exactly scream “I’m in love.”

The reader goes on to say that, based on the conversation that she overheard, “Nick is just doing the show to increase his brand” and “was never interested in marrying anyone from the show,” something that Reality Steve has pointed out several times in his weekly podcasts.

The conversation seems to back up all of the spoilers that point to Raven getting ditched on the finale, but the bigger question is — will Nick eventually marry his rumored final pick, Vanessa Grimaldi, or did he take the Bachelor gig so he could further his career in Hollywood?

Bachelor Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi

One week after the finale airs on ABC, Nick will make his debut on the network’s popular ballroom dance competition, Dancing with the Stars, a show that requires hours of rehearsals per day. This would potentially leave him little time to spend with Vanessa Grimaldi, the woman Reality Steve says Nick is still engaged to.

Vanessa currently works and lives in Canada, so it will be interesting to see how their relationship plays out with both the long-distance factor and Nick’s dedication to his next role as a celebrity dancer.

Are you surprised that Nick dished in public about Raven Gates and do you think he will marry Vanessa Grimaldi? Sound off in the comments below.

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