2017 NCAA Tournament Leaked Bracket: Find Out If Fans Get Another Early Glimpse

2017 NCAA Tournament Leaked Bracket: Find Out If Fans Get Another Early Glimpse

Will there be a 2017 NCAA Tournament leaked bracket again this year, giving fans an early glimpse of the bracket before Selection Sunday is completed?

Last year, the CBS experiment of drawing the Selection Sunday program out to a total of two hours blew up when someone leaked the NCAA Tournament bracket to the internet. The leaked bracket quickly went viral online, and any doubt about whether it was real quickly disappeared when the selection program matched perfectly with what the leaked bracket shows.

As the final conference tournaments wrap up on Sunday and Selection Sunday nears again, fans are hoping to find out if the 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket will leak again. While it’s not clear yet whether there will be another leaked bracket this year, there are already some major details spilling out about bubble teams and potential No. 1 seeds [and stay tuned here, if there is a 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket leaked it will be updated and added here].

So, what details about the 2017 NCAA Tournament have leaked so far? One of the major tournament spoilers may have come out on Saturday when NCAA senior vice president of basketball Dan Gavitt dropped a major hint about which teams could wind up with the No. 1 seed.

It appears to be good news for Duke fans.

“I think there are as many as six different teams that will be considered,” Gavitt said (via Yahoo Sports). “The outcome of tonight’s Pac-12 championship game between the two regular season co-champions could have a bearing and possibly the ACC title game as well.”Duke emerged victorious in the ACC title game, completing four wins in four days and appearing to jump into the No. 1 line in the tournament.

The Yahoo Sports report noted that Villanova and Kansas are the other locks for the No. 1 seed, and the Pac-12 title game will likely produce the other top seed.

“The remaining No. 1 seed would likely go to one-loss Gonzaga (32-1) over Pac-12 champion Arizona (29-4),” the report predicted. “The Wildcats may play in the tougher conference, but the Zags tallied the same number of RPI top 50 wins, suffered three fewer losses and defeated Arizona head-to-head on a neutral floor in December, albeit without suspended star Allonzo Trier.”

And as fans wait to see if there will be a 2017 NCAA Tournament leaked bracket again this year, some of the answers could take care of themselves on Sunday. One of the biggest bubble teams will get a chance to punch their own ticket, with Rhode Island taking on VCU in the Atlantic 10 title game.

Rhode Island is one of the most precarious teams, with some pundits have them among the last four teams in the tournament and others placing them just outside the bubble. Should the Rams take the A-10 tournament, it would likely take a bid away from a bubble team like Illinois State or Syracuse.

The Syracuse Orange have been one of the mostly hotly debated teams. The argument against Syracuse earning an at-large bid is strong, USA Today noted. The team has an RPI of 84, which is far worse than other bubble teams like Illinois State. Plus Syracuse has only two wins away from home.

But the Orange also went 10-8 in a very touch ACC conference, scoring wins over Florida State, Virginia, and Duke.

Basketball fans who want an early glimpse of the field can stay tuned right here. If there is a leaked 2017 NCAA Tournament bracket, it will be added to the story.

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