‘One Piece’ 858: Luffy Meets Capone And Chiffon Reveals Why Big Mom Hates Lola

‘One Piece’ Chapter 856 Manga Spoilers – Sanji’s Confession And Luffy’s Action

Chapter 858 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece has Luffy setting aside his altruistic persona to seek collaboration with a notorious criminal infamous for his barbaric atrocities on crime bosses.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 858 spoilers/recap ahead]

In the previous chapter of manga One Piece, Jinbei had urged Straw Hats captain Luffy to meet with Capone “Gang” Bege, a notorious and barbaric criminal who is in charge of security detail for the upcoming wedding ceremony at Big Mom’s Whole Cake Chateau. Jinbei explains that Capone plans to betray Big Mom, and since an enemy’s enemy is a friend, it makes him a temporary but worthy ally. Although Capone’s crimes go against everything Luffy stands for, the Straw Hats captain accepted Jinbei’s advise to meet with him.

Big Mom is crazy about ceremonies and demands perfection in her confectionaries. Hence, the giant kitchen in the Whole Cake Chateau is bustling with frenzied activity. With mere hours remaining for the wedding ceremony, head cooking chef Gourmet Knight Streusen is busy ordering his subordinates and organizing a lavish feast.

On the other side of the Whole Cake Island, an injured Pekoms lies in the infirmary aboard Jinbei’s ship. In the previous chapter, Capone had attempted to kill Pekoms because the latter had learned that the former planned to kill Big Mom. Surprisingly, Pekoms survived and is being nursed back to health. Despite being injured, Pekoms insists on finding out if Jinbei alerted Big Mom about the sinister plot, but he is stopped from getting up by the crew.

The scene shifts back to Luffy and Sanji out in the fields. Jinbei confirms Capone’s location and adds that they will head there through the Mirror World. With a little over four hours left for the wedding ceremony, the duo arrives at Fire Tank Pirates hideout, where Capone is staying with his gang. Monster Gun, a member of Capone’s gang and the boss’ son, greets the duo, but asks them to take a nice, clean bath before they are allowed to meet with the boss. A fresh-looking Chopper greets them and reiterates the instructions which Luffy finds odd.

Since the gang inside Brulee’s Mirror World was able to reach the location quickly, the ladies are taking a long leisurely bath inside a special washroom meant for them. In the ladies’ bath, Lola’s sister, Lady Shiffon, explains why Lola, her twin sister, is shunned and hated by Big Mom. Chiffon explains that Big Mom intended to marry off Lola to the prince of giants, Loki, in order to seek an alliance with the most powerful clan. Big Mom has always intended to get her daughters married for political gains. Although the prince was in love with Lola, she wasn’t, and hence she ran away from the wedding.

Shockingly, Big Mom attempted to marry off the twin sister, and unfortunately, the act of deception was discovered before the nuptials were finalized. The revelation further soured the already fragile relations with the giants. After the wedding fiasco, Big Mom gave up on making the giants her allies, and instead, attempted various techniques to artificially enlarge regular people. The failure of the wedding and the unsuccessful attempts at enlarging people further enraged Big Mom. Unfortunately, the strong resemblance to Lola made life for her twin sister a living hell. Chiffon is taking refuge in Capone’s hideout and reveals that she didn’t feel anything when the criminal confirmed he planned to kill Big Mom. Her attitude, however, aggravates Brulee.

Meanwhile, in the men’s bath, Brook and Luffy calmly reach into a fridge and help themselves to cold milk. This casual act aggravates Capone’s henchmen, but the duo remains unperturbed. Luffy’s confusion about the insistence on a proper bath is cleared when Capone meets with them. It is clear that the criminal mastermind believes in “Clothes make the man” philosophy.

Capone notes they have just three hours to forge an alliance and come up with a plan. He threatens the Straw Hats pirates with death, but Sanji interjects, noting that killing him would destroy the criminal’s plans. Capone grudgingly accepts the logic. Meanwhile, Luffy looks suspiciously towards one of the men in Capone’s entourage, before exclaiming that he is Caesar Clown, an evil scientist. However, the character refuses, noting that he is Capone’s brother, Gangster Gastino.

Surprisingly, Luffy’s suspicions turn out to be true. The character claiming to be Gangster Gastino is indeed Caesar Clown. Apparently, Capone had managed to get his hands on the scientist’s heart and is now using the same to control him. Listening to Luffy’s outburst, Capone asks him to quiet down. However, Luffy asks that he be allowed to punch Capone for hurting Pekoms.

As expected, Jinbei has to act as the level-headed referee. He reaffirms that leaders of both the parties hate Big Mom, and hence it would be wise to form an allied army. Unfortunately, Chapter 858 of One Piece manga doesn’t contain any details of the attack they are planning. Hopefully mangaka Eiichiro Oda reveals the finer aspects of the plan in the upcoming chapter of the series.

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